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  1. yes I have acrobat.I can acces the tutorial and the Introduction through the start menu. the issue is through the operations centre. I have submitted a ticket over 1 hour ago.382-19BE6325-0456 is the ticket number. regards Michael. thanks ;for your assistance in advance.
  2. to all who have recently acquired the new 777 and the operations centre I cannot access documentation on the 777 or the 737 .but I can access all other parts of the operations ie the livery manager etc. regards Michael
  3. exactly like luke says I dont see any of the liveries I downloaded in the atc names listonly the default fsx listscannot find it in the aircraft configtried reloading both 747 and 737 ngx in that order but that did not workhas any one got any ideas on this one?regards michael
  4. I have downloaded and installed several 737ngx liveries and 747 400 liveries into fsx but the livery names are not being listed for use in atc.I have not seen this issue before just recently reloaded fsx and reinstalled all my pmdg planes got a new machine I mac 3.1.can any one help on this ? much appreciatedregards Michael
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