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  1. Malombroso

    XPL "Enriched autogen"

    Hi... Is this compatible with the recently released X-Europe? Or they do basically the same thing?
  2. Malombroso

    11.20VR2 released !

    With the latest update I didnt have many houses anymore... I dont know what happened but the autogen even on max was giving me just few houses
  3. Well, they added cities textures in a very fast time when XP10 came out (and at the beginning it was all grey when above 10.000ft!)... so I dont see why they dont make the LIT version of the city texture they are using when flying higher... and make it fade in at sunset (and make the 3d ligths fade as well, either as you climb and as you approach them). They do the same thing already fore the houses and trees and so on... they slowly fade as you approach them and once you are higher than a certain level they fade out and they give space to the greyish city textures... I guess it won't take them long to make them! The night lighting near the aircraft is fantastic... they just need to add a bit of immersion taking out the popping of the lights and add some bright spots where major cities are supposed to be... they dont have to make the perfect lighting of the streets of the city that are far away.... Once you approach it and you are low level, that LIT "rough" texture can slowly fade away and leave space to the actual night 3d environment.... Im not a developer, but if they could do it with the day scenery I dont see why they cannot do this way for the night one! For xp10 it took just a very little time to get the fix to the green cities on high level... I bet it is something that they could do in few days! To me it sounds like when we asked to have upper winds... Austin said it took him a day or 2 to implement them... but in the end it took him many years before deciding they were worth it! To me it sounds more like a "Austin is not interested in IFR, so, even if it is pretty quick to do it, we won't"... I guess XPlane still has some parts that need improvement and in my opinion are more important for the immersion than the VR! If you use VR but what you see is not believable then it is useless!!! I think they should first try to solve issues they have since long (clouds transparency for example should be a very very high priority!)
  4. If we spread the word and report the distance of lights as a bug, they will consider it. As far as I know Austin likes GA aircrafts and so I guess he is not flying much at night... :P So he is not into IFR ... (it is a guess, but it makes sense since the problem with the lights showing through clouds is not yet fixed and the fact that when you fly at FL300 outside is completely dark and no lights on the horizon. There is a guy that attempted to get a sort of solution to the drawing distance and I think he is on the right direction (or at least he was). I was thinking about that solution too and I also reported that to LR long before I discovered the "primitive" solution that guy did, but so far LR didnt do anything. My suggestion was this: Do you guys remember when XP10 first came out? From low altitudes it was great but once up in the sky all the world looked like an immense layer of green grass,even where big cities were supposed to be. Then they came out with a fix using city textures (and no autogen that was gradually fading while climbing). Tht can be the solution for the night flying... NIGHT CITY TEXTURES (like the ones used for the cities during the day when flying high)! 3d light can gradually fade as you climb and that would also increase framerates cause 3d lights will not be there anymore. Anyway, who can tell if that is a 3d light or not from FL 300??? And also I agree that airport lights should dim while climbing. When I fly at night (for real as a passenger) you won't see airports around you shining that bright! But this is another story! :) I hope you guys too might copy and paste the solution I wrote here and send it to laminar... maybe someone will eventually listen. BTW, here is the link to the "temporal fix" that a Brazilian guy did... and that I am using. It is not perfect but at least is better than flying over a sea of darkness. Cheers Stefano
  5. The easy solution would be creating night textures for cities like they created day city texture :) I guess it is a very simple solution and it will be great in performance since no 3d lights would be used when flying high... Who will ever notice that the lights are not 3d from FL300? And also, to avoid the pop up of lights, put the fade like they do with the autogen...
  6. Malombroso

    X-Enviro is OUT

    Hi... If you check the roadmap they intend to follow, you will see that they will do something about the issue of the weather on the map (so that also the ATIS will match the injected weather!). I usually use a phone app to see the current weather at airports called AVIA WEATHER. I fly online on IVAO and sometimes the metar in the network is different from X-ENVIRO because iti s older (while xenviro is updating every 5 minutes so it is more accurate.) I noticed that the phone app and X-enviro weather match every time... so if you want to use that app weather is gonna give you a close idea of the weather you will find at the airport you are flying to. Cheers Stefano
  7. Malombroso

    SkyMaxx Pro v3 is Out

    And if I can say it, the more people will discover Xplane the larger the business and the more plugins. I am an ex FSX simmer and since I found Xplane I never went back, but I think it is like a cirlce of infinity, because lots of plugins are not being developed because there is not enough business, but the less plugins there are the less people are switching to xplane! I guess daring to improve the xplane platform with lots of plugins will bring lots of new people from other platforms! That is all... It is not a critique to the hard work of few people that created (even if just few) really amazing plugins!!! I really have confidence that one day Xplane will be 100 times better! )) Keep up the amazing work guys to give us the best weather engine possible!!!
  8. Malombroso

    SkyMaxx Pro v3 is Out

    I am not a programmer so I am not to skilled in those things, but I am guessing that FSGRW creates a metar file that has been used by xplane weather to generate the cloud coverage and so on... Maybe a collaboration between SMP and FSGRW could lead to a solution to the problem??? Make SMP to generate the weather taking into consideration the weather injected by FSRGW??? I don't kkow if this could help! I am sure 100% that the weather generated by FSGRW is GLOBAL and not on a current location. It would really be amazing to have the SMP clouds globally! I am really surprised that Laminar is not helping developers to create cool plugins... FSX and Prepared are the most diffused sim programs because they have lots of plugins available! If Laminar was helping developers, there would be more plugins and Xplane would certenly take over FSX and prepared, cause the flight dynamics are a lot better and FOR THE MOMENT is the only simulator running at 64bit. I am worried that if they don't take this chance to attract customers that are currently on prepared and FSX, as soon as prepared will create a 64bit version, xplane will end up in "bankrupt". X-plane is worth a lot, but external plugin designer need more information in order to make it even better and more appealing! I say that because I have lots of friends in my VA that still use (FSX or Prepared) ONLY because there are not many cool plugins for xplane yet! Otherwise they would all switch to xplane to take advantage of the 64bit.
  9. Malombroso

    SkyMaxx Pro v3 is Out

    Thanks, but the post yuou sent it is mine... I was asking if there is a solution to the problem cause it seems that having FSGRW with SMP is the same as having NOAA plugin. The only difference is that NOAA is free while FSGRW is a payware (and a quite expensive one). It is a good plugin, but I dont understand if SMP works or with global weather even having the global weather on then it generates the weather on a METAR to METAR basi, instead of populating the weather globally - so to have areas of clear sky and areas with OVC conditions...
  10. Malombroso

    SkyMaxx Pro v3 is Out

    Hi... I have a problem with skymaxx v3 I installed FSGRW and that program (with default clouds and default xplane weather) is giving me the global weather situation so that when I fly from clear sky into an OVC area I see the clouds in the distance instead of having no clouds and suddenly find myself surronded by OVC clouds. Using skymaxx v3 with FSGRW it seems that i am back to square 1! I mean, if you fly from an OVC area to a clear one, the clouds disappear all around you in a second, instead of still seeing the clouds behind you (like it happens using FSGRW alone). Now, skymaxx is amazing and above all the OVC clouds! Is there a way to have the global weather depicted without having the annoying thing of "now it is OVC so all around is OVC and suddenly is clear and all around you is clear? Is there a way to make FSGRW and SMP to work together, one injecting the global weather and SMP drowing the weather accordingly??? At the moment it seems I can only get either the wonderful clouds and OVC, but with sudden changes in the weather around you, or the global weather without sudden changes with the default clouds. :((( Is this the way it is at the moment or I set something wrong??? Please if you have more details or if I didnt set the things accordingly, let me know Cheers
  11. Hi... In the website you suggested there is no answer to my problems. There are not many symptoms. On almost every second flight I do I start hearing the noise of the wipers (like if they are turned on) for a second and in that meantime the sim freezes for a second... after doing that randomly the sim crash. Very rarely I have a crash report window. When it does I send the report to laminar but I never got a reply. I usually fly on Ivao and today I noticed that every time I connect to ivao the sim freezes for a second and in the meantime I hear the noise of the wipers (cluk cluk)... is the problem directly connected to xivap??? Does somebody have the same problem I have or I am the only one that cannot make a flight, land and take off again without having a CTD while descending to destination on my second flight? It is a bit annoying to have to close xplane and open it again to make a second flight... I would be happy to get the chance to make a second flight without CTD. Another thing that I noticed is that on the pushback of the second flight I do, the pushback truck is not connected to the main gear but it is pretty off course (parallel to the aircraft, shifted few metres on the side of my aircraft) If someone has any idea or any suggestion, please let me know... Happy wind!!! S.
  12. Hi... Time passed by but I also have CTD when using the 757 Flight Factor. It happens on every second flight after I landed and I decide to do another flight. It happens usually during descent. On the second flight I start hearing the sound of the wipers even if they are not turned on and the framerate drops and then boom! CTD!!! It is very annoying cause the 757 is the best aircraft I have. With other aircrafts it never happened, so I am starting to think that the problem is with that aircraft. I fly on IVAO, so it might be a problem related to online flying with that aircraft... Is there anyone that heard the same sound prior to CTD? I really hope that this problem is going to be solved. I have a good computer and a very good graphic card (6gb VRAM, the GTX titan) and enough RAM that a out of memory problem can be really really unlikely. Cheers S.