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  1. I tried it on the FSX computer (Win10) but for some reason, I couldn't get Autohide Taskbar to work. I tried the suggested fixes but no go. I'll persevere a bit more. Cheers
  2. Gday CBPilot Thanks for that very helpful advice. I got it working on my laptop and will try it on the main FSX computer. It looks good. Thanks again.
  3. Hi All I'm running a MSI 1070ti with 3 x 27in AOC on the Display port outputs. This works really well for FSX in full screen. I wanted to add another smaller screen to run progs such as Aivlasoft EFB, and the PMDG PFD. For now, I connected the 4th monitor to the IGPU of the motherboard with RGB cable. This works fine in windowed mode until I fire up FSX into full screen mode then the 4th screen goes black. The 4th screen has a DPI input and there is a DPI out on the 1070Ti. Should I use this? Is there a way to include the 4th monitor in full screen mode as I much prefer flying in full screen and seeing the Aivlasoft EFB in action. Thanks for any input Regards Joe
  4. +10 After much faffing about with FSUIPC and other suggestions, this did the trick for me . D'oh!!! Joe
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