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  1. I would recommend any of the A2A aircraft. They go above and beyond with the maintenance hangar and the aircraft aging and the need of maintenance really brings a high level of immersion and of course they are RXP compatible.
  2. Well just to report I’ve had a noticeable improvement with AM=1365, basically running on the physical cores, moving other apps to 9 and 11. I’m must admit I’m very surprised how good the result was considering my previous 4 core 8 thread systems never really seemed to benefit from an AM, so thanks for the tips I will continue to test to make sure it’s not my snake oiled mind playing tricks on me!!
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. My oc is stable at 5.0 with ht enabled, has been for quite some time now. I go back to the days of endless tweaks on FSX and I’m just getting back into flying with v4.4 with a 1080ti so I was curious if the (old) rules still applied.
  4. Hi guys, just curious if an affinity mask would be recommended for an 8700k with hyper threading on p3dv4.4, thanks!
  5. Just wanted to post, I had black clouds as well. What solved this for me was clearing the shader cache, then installing client.msi as instructed in the install manual, work for me in that order.
  6. hi i would love the hawker gtn mod thanks. jetblue291@gmail.com

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      Please could you send the Hawker mods too kaneclayton@hotmail.com

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      Hi Bert!! Please could you send the Hawker GTN 750 mods to: shandowstory@hotmail.com

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