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  1. Yep, permissions to the Roaming folder were broken. All solved now. Many thanks for your help Alex! 😁
  2. Ah yes, I forgot a recent (ish) Windows 10 update caused permission issues. I sorted that problem out eventually (well I hope I have) Unfortunately those suggestions have not solved the problem. I'm still getting the same errors no matter where I extract the folder. Any other suggestions I could try? Many thanks
  3. Hi folks, I get the following error up when loading up Little Navmap: Caught exception in file "..\littlenavmap\src\main.ccp" line 405. Error writing to settings file "C:users\(my username)\AppData\Roaming\ABarthel\little_navmap.ini reason 1 Any suggestions? Has worked fine in the past, but no joy lately. Many thanks in advance!
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