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  1. Hope to be doing the same soon... I'm also from the N. Hollywood area.
  2. Nothing to do with incompetence... an easy word to throw out when one becomes frustrated.
  3. The runway ice looks good, but honestly MSFS is a completely different league compared to what we are seeing in the X-plane 12 previews.
  4. Nothing to understand other then it is currently broken like many other things and will need to be fixed.
  5. Yep, colors are definitely blown and not as sharp.
  6. Those AI aircraft models with their pointy noses are very bad looking. I hope they get this worked out at some point.
  7. Xbox X for the win... if you have a large 4K TV, its a no brainer.
  8. Purchase after the next sim update on July 27th. There you will see the performance increases.
  9. Catalina is not bad... I wish Orbx would animate the people at their airports.
  10. What a bummer... so looking forward to this. Wasn't impressed with Burbank airport from Orbx either.
  11. If the government comes out and declares it is something extraordinary like Alien technology, it makes you wonder how humanity would respond. Are people ready for what is sure to come in the future. Try broadcasting that to the world. 60,000ft to 50ft within seconds. If another country has that technology, we should surrender now.
  12. Great Pics! I live close to Burbank airport... I have never spotted a 777 fly out of there. The largest aircraft is the A300 flown by FedEx and UPS. I do see an occasional C-17. Back in the day and when I was a kid the C5 would fly out of Burbank. Have to drive to KLAX for the 777. Great spot at KLAX to view aircraft next to the In-N-Out Burger.
  13. Absolutely, MSFS is undeniably in a league of its own. How lucky are we.
  14. Amazing! What a time to fly flight simulators.
  15. Doesn't have the detail needed compared to everything else in MSFS. Spoiled by DCS. But at least its a carrier that many will have fun with.
  16. They have said many times they are slowly adding the water masks... Take a good listen, they talk about water masking here... They will be publishing a map on water mask areas at some point. MSFSofficial - Twitch
  17. Its very lively... things will continue to constantly improve moving forward. This will be a fun ride.
  18. Once you sound off and say "rookie mistakes" that's when the tides turn and I lose respect for you.
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