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  1. "The main priority for us has been Active Sky for X-Plane, our first effort to provide an Active Sky experience on the X-Plane platform. ASXP’s initial design included several technologies and new concepts that we worked on for over a year before realizing that we needed to go back to the drawing board and re-work the design for an experience that provided high performance as well as great visuals while providing the kind of realism that our customers expect. This redesign set us back quite a bit from our original estimate of completion. Currently we are looking at Q3 2018 Beta and Q4 2018 Release. Of course, these are only estimates and subject to change. We hope to begin providing information on features, some screenshots and videos as well as other media on ASXP within the next 30-60 days." All dates subject to change of course, but exciting news nonetheless. There's also a section titled "secret upcoming projects" at the bottom of the page too that has piqued my interest. What do you all hope to see in Hifi's venture into the world of XPlane?
  2. -Support for the modding/addon community both freeware and payware by ways of a user friendly SDK of sorts where users are more able to easily customize their sim. Whether it is the tools to make an airport, an aircraft or even customize the environment and world. -Stable performance and smart use of modern pc hardware such as utilizing multiple cpu cores and gpu appropriately. Vulcan, Dx12, etc -Updated/current global vector, city, land, vegetation and airport data. Perhaps even a way for the user to update this data over time, especially airport related data. -Autogen object variety including objects such as global landmarks and regional styles. Perhaps a way to also implement osm city building elevation data -Strong focus on a realistic depiction of overall weather, atmosphere, clouds, large variety in meteorological phenomena, precipitation, sky etc while capturing those small little details of flying whether it's condensation effects, icing, or even that insanely fast perception of speed you get when flying through clouds: As others have mentioned you also have areas such as functioning ATC for IFR and VFR flight, live weather, AI airline, general aviation, sea, and road traffic system, and multiplayer whether it is through an in simulator server browser, open to external hosts such as ivao or vatsim, or both. As long as the core pieces are in place, and these core pieces are able to be enhanced and or expanded then specific areas can be augmented even further over time by users/developers, etc. I believe that is what led to the success of the microsoft flight simulator series, it provided a beginner entry level default sandbox experience out of the box that covered all the important and basic areas of aviation and flight which could then later be expanded in which ever direction the user saw fit. I equate the ideal base platform for flight simulation to model trains in terms of how a hobbyist is able to customize the theme of his or her track, what accessories they want, as well as types of trains and scale to suite their tastes.
  3. Thanks all, I agree the clouds still need a bit more tweaking and the spinning is still there sadly as the clouds are not fully volumetric I believe, but definitely a step up from the previous version 1.07 in my opinion. It's no Trusky but it can look pretty in it's own way at times can't wait for future updates.
  4. Addons: Ortho4xp Forkboy East Coast World Traffic 3 xEnviro 1.08 (Update just released today publically. Really great direction for this addon, a few bugs and minor performance hit but awesome nonetheless.) Taxing to Active Line Up Parallel Takeoff with Company A319 Reaching Cruise On Approach Touch Down Turn Off Home Greetings From Charlotte
  5. Thought i'd do something a bit different as a homage to my very first flight simulator, X-Plane 5. Released back in 1999, it's now been 19 years for me since i've started this wonderful hobby. 19 years is also quite some time between graphical advancements in gaming and I always enjoy seeing how technology progresses. Can you imagine how flight simulators will look in the year 2037?
  6. Gami0522

    L-1011 to EHAM

    Such an underrated plane, love it.
  7. Gami0522

    A Vegas Run

    I love the colors of all your shots. What add-ons are you using?
  8. x-enviro 1.07 Default MD-80 and scenery Reshade 3.0.4
  9. Gami0522

    Dovetail Announce first official FSW DLC coming!

    I remember watching a live stream where Stephen Hood himself had expressed interest in the Dash 8 and would love to see an aircraft such as that make itself into FSW. I can't remember which one but it was shortly after truesky was released. Either way I cant wait for what the future holds for add-on aircraft in FSW and this is good sign.
  10. Gami0522


    Correct, its xp11 with a bit of reshade using the default Lancair 400