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  1. I'm having an issue with the latest 777 release (v1.10.8448 on p3dv4.1) yesterday and today, twice on my current flight... Occasionally there is a 3 second, complete loss of thrust (engines begin to spool down) and several master cautions are displayed and other electrical systems briefly turn off (TCAS, etc...). The panels, displays, and lighting stay up. I was finally able to capture one of them in the attached image. It is off for about 3 seconds and then the engines start spooling back up, the warnings clear, and everything is back to normal (except EQUIP COOLING OVRD which I have to manually reset). ELEC AC BUS R ELEC AC BUS L ELEC GEN OFF R ELEC GEN OFF L ELEC GEN DRIVE R ELEC GEN DRIVE L ... https://imgur.com/C3tEyOU
  2. Should the instrument panel lights and cockpit lights be dimmable? The rotary knobs suggest that they should be dimmable, but I have no idea what the real aircraft has. Thanks!
  3. Tested with the .102 release it is working for me. Thank you!
  4. Yes thanks, I did regenerate the airport data (once a couple of days ago after installing these airports, and again just now to be sure). The generation takes several minutes, counts up to 100%, and completes with "Writing"...). The ChasePlane list & search still don't match the scenery locations.
  5. P3Dv4: I have an issue with ChasePlane displaying parking locations that do not match the actual AFCAD in use (and also unable to search for parking that is part of the active AFCAD). I think ChasePlane is scanning the default airport even when there is a payware airport loaded. The issue could be related to how P3Dv4 stores addon scenery in different disk locations (see below FSDT and many other sceneries stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\Addon Manager\FsDreamTeam\... ) . For example, at FSDT PHNL the cargo parking is A0 A1 B0 B1 C0, etc... and there is no "Parking" greater than 47. ChasePlane is indicating I am "near" Parking 57 (which does not exist in this AFCAD, and the A0, A1, B0... cargo spots are not in the ChasePlane list or search results. I noticed the same issue at FSDT KCLT. None of the ChasePlane parking locations matched up with the payware scenery locations, but the P3Dv4 Airport Selector Starting Location picklist has the correct locations. Here is a screenshot of the current AFCAD information at PHNL as read by GSX:
  6. jspringe

    Sound pop every 5 seconds or so

    It is still happening with v0.1.609 Alpha Exp. I tried Internal, External, Scenery camera views, Global Enable / Disable, changing preferences like CPU affinity , etc with no affect. Let me know what kind of trace information I can collect for you. Thanks Version: 0.1.609 PLV: 0.1.609 OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro .NET: 4.6 RC or later Running Sim: P3D Supported Current aircraft: PMDG 777F Current aircraft cfg: F:\P3Dv3\SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 777F\aircraft.cfg
  7. I'm getting a distinct pop in the aircraft sounds about every 5 seconds. When I close ChasePlane the pop goes away (sounds are smooth). When I restart ChasePlane the 5 second looping pop returns. Is ChasePlane polling something about every 5 seconds that could be interfering with the smoothness of the packs/engine sounds? Thanks.
  8. Wow, the new static runway and parking cameras are so nice! -- Great job. Also really like that parking is continuously/automatically sorted by distance from current position. Can the runway thresholds be continuously/automatically sorted by distance from current position? Jason
  9. Access was unavailable for about 10 minutes (approx midnight EDT to +10). Chase Plane reported an error and my own attempts to get to the FSFX website also returned a timeout. I was able to reach other sites during that time (like googling the url to fsfx and checking the forums at AVSIM). Just fsfx access was down for a few minutes. I was able to start Chase Plane a few minutes after my post. It's fine now, and good to know there is something in the works in case of connectivity issues. Thanks
  10. I can not start Chase Plane when your servers are down (your servers are down right now [0500z midnight EST] -- or something in the path from my isp to your servers is down). I am able to get to all other sites I have tested right now including, obviously, AVSIM). Also, even if in cases where users internet connections were down, we would not be able to use Chase Plane. If not already in the plans, please consider caching profiles locally to make Chase Plane usable in cases of network failure. Thanks!
  11. I can only think of two things related to Pigeon. An acars messaging system or bird strike modelling. (Edit: But I too would love to see VC rain effects)
  12. The problem I am having with panning using the hat switch is that my hat switch is assigned to Pan/Tilt. But, when you define the view with "Track Aircraft", pan/tilt does not pan the view (Lateral/UpDown "pans" the view). Track Aircraft OFF, Pan/Tilt works. Track Aircraft ON, Pan/Tilt does not work. So, we would need the ability to do Control Assignments per camera.
  13. jspringe

    Tilt/Pan with Hat Switch

    But, then they won't work when CP is in Global Enable OFF?