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  1. Latest version of Tileproxy seems to work well for me. Pity about the Google issue - seeing as when I use Tileproxy I'm effectively using FSX as a glorified web browser does that mean that if anybody came up with a new web browser they would need to contact Google for permission for the users to access their service?! Anyway, keep up the good work.
  2. Why do these sort of video tutorials always seem to have a narrator who must work for Insomniacs Anonymous as sideline ?! :D
  3. >It's not strange at all, except in how closely it depicts the>actual airport in real life. I give you Heathrow:>Well it is strange when the autogen has been set to zero.;)
  4. That does seem strange. Are you sure that you didn't amend the autogen slider at some point before you got to London?
  5. I found this today and posted about in the FSAutostart forum but I thought it might be of interest here to. It's called AlacrityPC.Sorry if it's already been mentioned here.http://kensalter.com/software/
  6. >This shot looks good, but like I said, uses about 4 different>products costing hundreds of dollars more Hundreds of dollars? Lots of dollars maybe - but "hundreds"???
  7. >OMG>>Its a BLACK or WHITE issue. >>To STEAL or NOT TO STEAL>>If you have ever been robbed then you know the feeling.>>>Yes, but that isn't what the thread is about. It should be taken as read that piracy is wrong. The question being asked related to the impact of piracy on company profits not the morality of it.
  8. I asked a similar question in the PSS thread further down this forum"But isn't the issue not how much is available but what percentage of the POSSIBLE purchasing consumer base resorts to a pirated copy rather than a legit copy."
  9. >There is more piracy in the FSX space than most might think,>I admit I was taken aback by how much I saw and how blatant it>is. >But isn't the issue not how much is available but what percentage of the POSSIBLE purchasing consumer base resorts to a pirated copy rather than a legit copy.
  10. >Plain and simple, that individual is a supporter of piracy so>he should not go on explaining why he shouldn't have to pay>because he delete's unwanted software after a week, yeah>right, what a load of you know what! There again why bother admitting to using pirated software if the "delete after a week" isn't true?
  11. >been in the forums from years actually only recenty started>using fsx and have been a little dissapointed by the textures.You do realise of course that my reply regarding being a new user was directed at the now deleted poster and not you.
  12. >its another sign of crap code. you won't see this in crysis.I guess you're going for the record for most number of pointless posts by a newcomer to Avsim forums.
  13. A screenshot might be of some use as well.
  14. >ACES does not hand pick and place land class for the Flight>Simulator. It gets its information from the host country. >Many host countries land class and road data are lacking and>this is not one area what MS should be blamed for. I guess>they can pay for more detailed land class from private>companies if available, but then the cost will be>prohibitive.You do realise he is pulling our legs. :-)
  15. That looks a very good idea.We have Flight Environment X and Ground Environment X so why not Autogen Environment X?
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