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  1. mmann

    Orbx causing long pauses in v4.4

    The issue is much more noticeable in P3D than FSX, though. I have both sims loaded with Orbx Global Base, Global Vector and openLC North America. For regions, P3D has only NRM whereas FSX has PNW, NRM, ENG, SCO & WLS. Yet P3D spends more time loading (especially at 6%) than FSX.
  2. mmann

    Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility List

    Anyone else try Orbx KSNC Chester Airport? I had major elevation problems in P3Dv 4.4; so I change the client back to 4.2 and the elevation problems vanished! I had used the Orbx Migration Tool and the Vector Airport Elevation Correction Tool in 4.4; but no luck.
  3. mmann

    FSX'ers. Understand this please.

    Oddly enough, it is the blurry and shimmering textures in P3D that keeps FSX on my system. What's with all the FSX vs P3D; did everyone on this forum spend so much on their computer system to run P3D that they can't afford a larger SSD drive to load multiple sims? My SSD has FSX, P3Dv3, P3Dv4 and X-Plane 11 on it; I fly them all and they all have good points and bad points.
  4. mmann

    FSX'ers. Understand this please.

    But be Prepar3d to do a great deal more adjustments within the sim itself! Even spending time working with the Graphics - Display settings in P3D, I still get way more sparkling, shimmering textures than I ever see in FSX. I have to crank the AA up to 8xSSAA in P3D and I still don't enjoy the level of anti-aliasing that FSX can get with 4x Sparse Grid Supersampling in NVIDIA Inspector. I do appreciate the better FPS that P3Dv4 gives, but I still fly FSX a lot because of the better looking graphics. To be honest, out of the box; X-Plane 11 makes both FSX and P3D look like the dated piece of software they are based on!
  5. Over at Sim-Outhouse, Rob released Groundhandling which he claims "Works with FSX (all versions), P3Dv2/3 AND P3Dv4 (bit64)."
  6. mmann

    How much space will I need...

    My Dad's workplace had a superior system, 256K but the computers (twin computers actually) weighed 275 tons and took up 11,900 square feet of floor space. My Dad's job was in electronics; the system used a total of 60,000 vacuum tubes (he was kept busy)!
  7. mmann

    Texture anomalies in 4.3

    Good to know I shouldn't have problems with 4.3 in the new system! It just bugs me that 4.2 didn't have the texture problems (but it did have the ATC problem); while 3.4 has neither problem. As far as the RAM/VAS goes; I have never had an OOM in 3.4 (which makes sense with my modest settings and my penchant for small GA aircraft at small airstrips).
  8. mmann

    Texture anomalies in 4.3

    I uninstalled the older driver first; then I installed the newer driver and I changed my NI P3D profile to: Antialising - Mode [Enhance the application setting]; Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling [4x Sparse Grid Supersampling] and Texture filtering - Quality [High quality] which matched what I had in v4.2 (which worked with no texture problems, but also I had no ATC which 4.3 corrected).
  9. mmann

    Texture anomalies in 4.3

    The texture problem is also viewed while in other aircraft (Virtual Cockpit view); it is just that the Piper Cub made it much more obvious (due to the ability to see the ground close to the aircraft). I also did a complete reinstall of v4.3 (not just the client) and the problem was still there (I use Acronis True Image so this was on a "virgin" Windows 7 SP1 64 bit install).
  10. mmann

    Texture anomalies in 4.3

    It wasn't the textures being lighter or darker; with the older driver the textures were pixelated and with the newer driver they were just wrong (which corrected after the aircraft left the ground). I'm going to guess that some of you have tried the default Piper Cub and if you don't see an obvious problem with the textures than I'm guessing v4.3 just doesn't like my old system. Do note that the texture problem is only apparent in the Virtual Cockpit view; outside views are just fine.
  11. mmann

    Texture anomalies in 4.3

    I would think you are right about people screaming if there were significant texture problems! As far as the settings go, I had reduced my autogen settings (sure did look sparse compared with my v3.4 settings) and I didn't have all the Orbx (Regions, Global Base, Vector, openLC and airports) which I have saddled v3.4 with. It should have had an easy time rendering the textures properly! I'm hoping the new system will correct the texture problem; v3.4 won't make use of the 16GB of ram on the new computer.
  12. mmann

    V3 or V4?

    If I was flying the Aerosoft CRJ, the answer is easy; the latest version is only compatible with Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V4.3 or higher! In my case with the texture anomalies in 4.3 (see separate thread that I started) and the ATC problems in 4.2, I have gone back to 3.4 On my system v3 has better Anti-Aliasing, less shimmering and doesn't have the annoying autogen popping that v4 has!
  13. mmann

    Texture anomalies in 4.3

    Unfortunately I didn't take a screenshot. I have since put P3D v3.4 back on. I had the dreaded ATC problem in v4.2 and with the textures anomalies in v4.3 I decided to play it safe. I do have a new computer on order, which is why I'm asking about this problem. I have to decide if installing 4.3 is viable, or if I should stick to v3.4 on the new system as well as my current system.
  14. When I loaded the default Piper Cub at a grass strip I noticed that the ground textures within about 5 feet of the aircraft was composed of large block pixels (as in Atari 2600 Breakout sized pixels). This only happened with P3D v4.3 (client only or full install made no difference). My Nvidia driver was really old (original with my GTX 750 Ti) so I updated to the 397.64 driver. I lost the block pixels but gained a new problem, as soon as the aircraft started moving the textures (again within about 5 feet of the aircraft) changed to a different colour grass texture which only disappeared when the aircraft left the ground. This problem is mainly noticeable in the Piper Cub which has a good view of the close in ground textures. This texture problem does not exist with the 4.1 or 4.2 client installed. Anyone else notice this with the 4.3 client?
  15. mmann

    Which is better? V4 or V3

    If you use the default ATC you may find that it doesn't work with 4.2; at least I can't get it to work. My system (i7-4770 @ 3.90 GHz, ZOTAC GeForce 750 Ti 2GB video card with 8GB RAM MB) definitely likes v3 better than v4; so if your computer is clocked lower than that I would say that your v4 experience will be disappointing.