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  1. Unfortunately, just I was agout to try out another add on in Prepar3d my Graphics card gave way. It wasn't the best, a GTX 560 that was holding me over until the future of flight simulation became more clear. Now that there is a future again, and I'm in need of a Vid Card, I wanted to poll the community to see what those in the know think. I'm really not looking to spend a whole lot probably $300 - $400 max. I really don't know how to Vid Card shop so any general advice as far as brands to avoid, or other pitfalls would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help.
  2. I finally got it to run. I found an old DX9 from some Sim City files (thanks anyway pmanhart). Once that worked it gave me some other error that I had to repair so I just uninstalled reinstalled. Now it is working fine. Will post my thoughts to other boards as appropriate. However, running Win 8.1 64 bit it runs pretty well, the very first time it loaded it took forever for the aircraft to be visible (I have GTX 560 i7 oc'd at 4.4ghz). It was sort of quirky, but since then it's been fine. Takes about a minute to load a new city or change time from night to day, but once it loads it runs really really well. Definitely want to turn up your scenery density, I noticed Qwest field was missing from Seattle, meaning that density was too low on default. Lastly, the joystick worked fine. I had to re-confingure it so that it picked up the throttle axis, but other than that it really is the same commands as FSX. Like I said I'll post more on the other forums tomorrow when I spend more time. Man am I glad I decided to take a staycation for all of TG week :-).
  3. That didn't work. The only problem I have now is the Directx 9.0c error. It says that it cannot run because the version installed is not compatible (which is Direct X 11, oddly). Please download the current version of DirectX 9.0c from ... Of course I can't download it cause I have WIN 8.
  4. First after installing I got the cannot find MFC100.dll error. I found out that I had to install the 32-bit C+ file "vcredist_x86" not the 64- bit version. Of course download.microsoft.com sucks so the best speed I get is 20 kb/s so it takes 25 minutes for me to download the 64-bit then another 25 for the 32 bit. Now I'm getting an error that I don't have Direct X 9.0c installed. I have no idea how to install that because when I go to download it it says that I have to have XP or earlier edition of Windows. I have Win-8 64-bit. What a great first day P3d. Who'd ever thought that someone with a Win-8 64 bit pc would ever buy your product in 2013, must be a shock to you. Anyway if someone knows the work around please share.
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