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  1. Good morning, I've had an issue where the Maddog doesn't calculate a T/D if the route has any discontinuities in the STAR. For example, yesterday I flew KATL-MBPV using the RNAV28 arrival in MBPV. I loaded the flightplan from PFPX, there was a discontinuity in the route symbolizing vectors- which I cleared, however the FMC didnt calculate a T/D, just listed an end of decent which was the airport itself. I had to descent with the DES DIR feature. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  2. I'm having an issue with my cockpit night lighting, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, or if this is a bug. My captains FMC keyboard does not stay backlit, all other pedestal lights are on and work fine, including FO FMC, however the captain's one is dark. Additionally, this is only in the VC, the lights appear on the 2D popup. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  3. Robert, If its of any help, the wing droop seems normal during the 20 second initialization period when first loading the sim... then once its all initialized the spar becomes a rubber beam
  4. Interesting... in my case departure runway is irrelevant, just arrival runway. Took of on 28R both times, OOMed selecting ILS07R at HKG, with a steady decrease over the flight, while wiht ILS07L selected my VAS held steady at 1.1GB
  5. I have the same issue that I have on the 777 in terms of VAS, where there is a memory leak on certain runways - VHHH 07R, KSFO 28R. Its discussed in detail here: http://www.avsim.com/topic/477686-p3d-v3-fmc-memory-leak-back/ My first ever flight in the 747 was to find out if the same memory leak exists, I tried to do KSFO-VHHH landing on ILS07R - got an OOM about 8 hrs in, same as on the 777. Tried to do the same flight yesterday, but set the approach to ILS07L, and no memory leak, landed with 1GB VAS remaining. There's something PMDG code related that's causing these leaks, as I have them in the exact same scenarios, on both the 747 and 777, can someone look into this - more specifically that thread I linked above? I'm also using the "good" driver - 376.33
  6. I currently always start my NGX up in a cold and dark state, but I'm aware that pilots almost never enter an aircraft in a cold and dark state. I was wondering what is the most common panel state in the real world for a pilot entering the cockpit, whats on and what isn't? Also, if there are any real world WN pilots could provide details, that would be great too!
  7. Beautiful! I'm loving the paint, thanks a lot man!
  8. Lovin the wings on that one Ian, fantastic paint!
  9. Dirty! They're looking awesome! Dirty just like they are on the old WN -700s!
  10. Awesome, thanks! I'll be looking forward to it!
  11. Hi everyone, this is my first post here! I'm a huge fan of Chris Hicks's Southwest NGX liveries, especially the "Dirty Luv" because of how realistic the wings look, WN wings are hella dirty if you fly them a lot. However, I was wondering if someone could do a repaint of N716SW, its one of Southwest's first 737NGs so it has a very weathered look. Here's a video I took of that same plane landing in MDW See how dirty the wings are? That's the look I'm trying to get in FSX, could someone possibly do a repaint of this bird with those dirty wings? Thanks, Yevgeniy Riftin
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