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  1. Sorry...but what is PF3 ? I would explain that i am about to create a folder for PRO ATC X with Italian sound (atc) Therefore i need even more sounds.
  2. Thanks for your feedback. Too bad we can not hear ATC from Italy. Perhaps there will be open later. Happy new year.
  3. Hi Im looking for Live ATC from Italy. The list from Live ATC has closed airports from Italy. Greeting Lysse
  4. Hi Any pictures available ?
  5. Hello Richard Could you give a more accurate way how inserting it into the FSX, do not quite understand what you have written Greetings Lysse
  6. Hello Where in FSX can i put the BGL files This : omdb_dx 10 Lysse
  7. Hello My FSX is so great both day and night. Only problem is Fly Tampa Dubai, and som vehichle is White. Will update help here ? Lysse
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