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  1. tuchooy

    Building lighting

    Hi SteveFx Thank you for the great work ! The problem is resolved. Just add a "d" perfect! tuchooy
  2. tuchooy

    Building lighting

    Not an isolated phenomenon.. Near the roof transparent reflection.
  3. Purchase and installation of DX10Controller V1.3 Problems after starting FSX Please help me solve... (English is not good.Thanks!.)
  4. tuchooy

    Dubai Airport Problem!

    Thanks Paul J! Thank you FlyTampa and Author! Problem Solving.
  5. tuchooy


    Problem Solving.
  6. tuchooy

    Dubai Airport Problem!

    Thanks Paul J. I'll stick with DX10.
  7. tuchooy

    Dubai Airport Problem!

    pete_auau Thank you :rolleyes: This is a problem. I tried to modify ". Dds" texture...
  8. Installed DX10SceneryFixer. DX9 No problem.. How can we solve? thanks ...
  9. tuchooy

    Airport lighting problem

    Hi Paul J Thank you very much for your advice!!
  10. Airport KTPA Taxiway edge lights and Taxiway lights Have used DX10SceneryFixer Software May I ask how to do...
  11. tuchooy

    DX10SceneryFixer Problem

    Ha ha ha! Resolved! First, the previously used shader 3.2.2 .....\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ShadersHLSL\Terrain There will be a backup file,File name called "Water40.fx.ORIG." Delete "Water40.fx",. then "Water40.fx.ORIG" name changed to "Water40.fx." OK!Problem Solving... :wub:
  12. tuchooy

    DX10SceneryFixer Problem

    Everybody Thank you very much! I try the next replacement fx, see if I can solve. . :rolleyes:
  13. Why is my "Water Shader" can not open
  14. Times have to buy plug-in, thanks to the author's hard work, support your improvement, we will continue to support you
  15. Hello everyone! My English is not good, Inevitably there is a syntax error.THANKS! First, I feel the advantages of DX10 1.FPS improve the lot,Set high, running smoothly. 2.Open lightboom not affect fps 3.Using DX10 mode, GPU computing would increase, the overall performance is better than DX9. I encountered problems Plug airport the night textures are missing. How can we solve? Image below: Modify the texture can be resolved? THANKS.