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  1. I am using FSX Steam edition on a relatively new computer Alienware R7 with a Windows 10 and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 video card. I can load everything and after following tutorial I am able to take off and go on my way. I have tried different flights through the Atlantic and for some reason everything goes well until suddenly start to slow down. It is mid air over the Atlantic and I don't think that its scenery fps related so I am not sure what is the problem or worse how to solve it. Please advice maybe there is something that I am doing incorrect
  2. I have installed the PMDG on my FSX Steam Edition and I am sure that I am not the first person to not know what to do but I noticed that my FCM was messaging that the database was out of date and although it doesn't represents a huge inconvenience I have update everything using Navigraph. So that caught my attention but since everything seems to work I kept using the aircraft that I had installed. Then I try to uplad a new livery and found out that my PMDG livery manager doesn't communicate or recognize the FSX installed stuff and I don't really know what to do. If anyone know the solution please point me as detailed as possible …. I am not very skillful …. in the right direction
  3. I must have installed something but suddenly my PMDG 777 can't compute flight because it does not find runways or SID .... please help. I just installed it on my FSX Steam Edition
  4. I am having a tough time trying to set up the export of flight plans from PFPX to my FSX Steam mostly because I am not knowledgeable or skillful and I have a new computer that I don't quite understand so I would appreciate if anyone could please help me feel free to email me chusair@gmail.com
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