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  1. sorry t be direct here but is this dll really useful - or even desired - now P3DV5 supports sloped runways ? The AI engine should have been also modified by LM in order to allow AI aircraft to follow sloped runways ....
  2. thanks Roland so it some cases we may have to increase the aircraft separation distance by 1 or 2 additional miles in order to avoid go arounds (depends on airport layout of course)
  3. have you tried this setting in the .ini file ? USERAISEPARATIONDISTANCE=0 this is intended to avoid such behaviour if my understanding is correct
  4. Hi Roland, thanks for these wonderful tools ! They make the sim more realistic that way. One question: does AI Flow allow - or force - for parallel landings when possible (// runways and heavy traffic for example) or is this left to P3D AI engine decision ?
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