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  1. agree I just keep AIFlow for traffic separation only (I disabled all other functions). This way it works well with ATCAPI. Also I do not use AIGround any longer.
  2. thanks to Frederico's tool allowing the user(s) to define departing and arrival runway(s) you have to get rid of the fake runways you have in your ADE I think. This is what I did and it is working fine
  3. thanks Frederico, FYI I also observed the same FPS loss at LFPG after 10-15 mn. Loss is around 10 FPS as for fclaass.
  4. Frederico, FYI your new version crash my P3D almost instantaneously. I cannot even launch a single flight. Hopefuly I had saved the previous 1.0.04 version that I reinstalled and everything is back to normal. Philippe
  5. Eduardo, I think that Roland - who developed both AIGround and AIFlow - also recommended to deactivate (within AIGround) the landing roll function. This can be done by modifying the .ini file as below: AILANDINGBRAKINGSCALAR=1.0 //start with 15.0 if using AILANDINGTARGETTIME AILANDINGTARGETTIME=0 Do not forget to remove the slash at the beginnning of each line in order to activate these lines
  6. thanks Frederico ! Just one clarification : when you say "The last 3 features being coded are, etc..." you mean that these last 3 feratures are still work in progress right ? They are not implemented yet ?
  7. Eduardo, not in my modest configuration (6700K + GTX1060 6 Go)
  8. ok I will test the 3.5 value in AIFlow. Thanks !
  9. Agree with you. I used AIFlow since the first release and it has been working really well in cunjunction with ATCAPI. However now I have the latest release of ATCAPI I have observed a lot of AI put on holding pattern for almost ever to the point that all my AI aircraft are now landing with one hour late .... Weird. I do not know wether this is due to AIFlow and a possible (?) new interaction between the latest release of ATCAPI along with AIFlow. I made the test and with ATCAPI alone the situation is back to normal so there must be something.
  10. Frederico, The only function that is really missing in your great tool is an AI to AI separation routine that would prevent go around in dense areas ... Otherwise it works really well. Thanks again
  11. It would be good anyway to have the ablity to keep the offset threshold "as is" and have ATCAPI take it into account if possible.
  12. ok I am surprised as I thought this was just ignored... I will give another try at LFPO where this logic has to be applied and launch ATCAPI without forcing any runway use for landing or t/o and see how P3D ATC handle that.
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