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  1. Thanks Bjoern, the archived version downloads still work, couldn't find SHD wave animation for dx9 set 1 larger swell, anywhere.
  2. Is there a list of what trees are used in different landclasses. Such as Coniferous forest, Deciduous and mixed boreal forest..etc?
  3. armenius

    Cyril Pioffet AS 341G Gazelle

    Looks good but I don't have Acceleration.
  4. armenius

    Cyril Pioffet AS 341G Gazelle

    I have deleted everything and started over using the 2004 Hovercontrol version as well as the GazelleX FSX version. Still no Joy. Will put this on hold for a while as its become frustrating beyond belief. Like some sort of Twilight zone episode. While most are seeing transparent windows, one other person told me they have this problem also. Will return to working on my latest airbase project. Might do some more reading on the subject and tinker with this later. Thanks for your help.
  5. armenius

    Cyril Pioffet AS 341G Gazelle

    Well... this is rapidly becoming exasperating. I'm getting proficient at the procedures but not seeing any positive results. I've tried your instructions, no change, tried inverting the Alpha, same. Made all the windows on the Alpha black, still nothing, only the nose window is now white instead of its goldish hue. I've read numerous posts an different forums and this should work. I've even tried creating my own Alpha channel. Nada. Someone suggested it might be a video card issue, Because others are seeing transparent windows and my opaque windows are both in FSX and MCX. Not sure where to go from here.
  6. armenius

    Cyril Pioffet AS 341G Gazelle

    So, here's where I'm at. Could not select new layer after importing Alpha. Looked at Image/mode ; indexed color is checked. If I select RGB color, then Layer/new is enabled. I can add a layer, filled with paint bucket from color palette, selected black at 75% opacity. Still unsure of how to fill R:220, G:220, B:220? Flattened image, saved. Then DXT, refresh after edit, Darker Alpha shows in window. Save. When I open in MCX, no change. Open texture again in DXT and the Alpha appears as original, not the darker version I saved. Has this to do with the image mode?
  7. armenius

    Cyril Pioffet AS 341G Gazelle

    Yes, thank you I am very interested to learn this. I've got DXTBMP. Have an older version of Photoshop, here's where I'm stuck. After Alpha channel is sent to PS, when I go to click layer/new its not highlighted so I cant select that. I can go File/new and then layer is enabled. Also how do I fill with R:220, G:220, B:220?
  8. armenius

    Cyril Pioffet AS 341G Gazelle

    Went to hovercontrol, downloaded the FS 2002 package and the 2004 cfg update. Just ran it thru ModelconverterX to preview. Same opaque windows, except the roof windows are now a dark yellow and 2 of the side windows are light yellow instead of them all being white. Thanks for the offer, I'm proficient at installing files, just no experience at alpha channel issues. Video card issue?, its a new card, never seen anything like this with hundreds of aircraft I've downloaded, even FS2002 and FS2004 aircraft I've updated. If its a card issue, I'm not sure what to look at there..I'm going to spend some time to figure this out, on top of the several hours already invested.
  9. armenius

    Cyril Pioffet AS 341G Gazelle

    Yes, I've tried the 2004 cfg file. Didn't change anything. I can see forward out the front glass, but all the side windows are white. Externally I cannot see into the cockpit at all, side windows are white and nose glass is a goldish color. Looks the same in ModelconverterX. Somehow I have to figure this one out.
  10. Is anyone running this heli on FSX. I originally tried the FS2004 version, all the windows are solid, no transparency. Never had this issue converting older aircraft with ModelconverterX. Then I found a newer version, GazelleX, updated for FSX with DDS textures. Same issue, even pre-viewing in ModelconverterX. I'm stumped, would appreciate any input on this.