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  1. I look forward to that update.
  2. I've been faced with the same issue, but I came up with an inconvenient solution. I really wanted to get her in the air. I deleted both left and right axis of the brakes in the Control axis tab and have just been using the keyboard brake key assignment. Beware of an escaping aircraft hahaha.
  3. While observing the model on a free flight, my yoke somehow deactivated itself, and my aircraft began to dive causing it to overspeed. Shockingly was when everything came back I began to pull the nose up and noticed the wing flex and then quickly snapping back into its rock stone position. I thought it was strange so I decided to check the animations of the model in 'Ai Aircraft Editor,' and to my surprise, the wing does have a wingflex animation. Why isn't it present in our flyable model?
  4. Thank you for your advice. I really tried to find a fix, but I have given up. I'm lost lol.
  5. Ronald, There is an issue I just noticed at TNCM Princess Juliana, the aircraft on final always seem to turn left n fly over anguilla and return back on path to final. Fill over the runway circle very awkwardly then just freeze in the air above the airport. Kind Regards, Quincio
  6. I have 1 idea/suggestion, maybe you have already included it the Ai Controller. I'm not sure cause I've only found out about this amazing program today n i'm super excited to get it up n runway. Anyway let me get to it. It would be cool if heavies were only allowed to taxi on particular taxi ways. Say TNCM Princess Juliana for example where the heavies would have to taxi to Taxi way C and backtrack to 10 for takeoff. Just an idea.
  7. Seeing that no one could fulfill my request, I decided to do it on my own. Captainsim's 757 paintkit is a pain lmao. Took me 4 days to get to where its at now though. I must say I'm satisfied. Oh by the way I'm just an amateur that did allot of reading. Here is how it looks at the moment just a few more tweeks and I'm gonna call her complete lol.
  8. Guys I'm a private aircraft freak lol. I'm hoping someone can repaint this awesome lively. N801DM Thanks in advance Quincio
  9. Funny thing is I actually wanna do 9H-AFR. N thanks.
  10. N709DS uploaded btw Jan 31st is my birthday lol. Goodnight ya'll.
  11. N709DS completed. I finally decided to go back n finish the 3rd repaint I began and never mentioned before lol which is 9H-XRS I plan on finishing it when I get home from work.
  12. Stormtrooper I know how you feel. almost everything is a PIA when it comes to lining up stuff with the global. N797KK Looks amazing.
  13. Well expat I decided to do N709DS this morning so far it's looking good. If I keep at this rate I should be done in the next hour, if not maybe Monday night.
  14. Expat I'm in love with N709DS and N85D. I only wish a pro would do them. give those birds the justice of a paint job they deserve lol.
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