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  1. Hello I'm on version expérimental of chaseplane V0.4.201 Beta Exp. When my PAV num lk is on chaseplane don't change the view. Thanks file:///C:/Users/eliot/Desktop/Capture.PNG
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    P3D 4.2 compatibility

    Where on simmarket ?
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    P3D 4.2 compatibility

    You think that PTA will go out at what time during the day ? Because I cannot fly without.
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    I find a solution it's ok !
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    Error while activating advanced features There was an error while activating advanced features like Smooth Zoom and Static Cameras. We have disabled those features for now. You can still use ChasePlane and your presets. We have generated a Report file on your desktop, please send it to us at **@**.com I can't zoom with the zoom from P3D, and before i could do this. When i click on outside views i can't see my plane.When i déinstall chaseplane and réinstall, chaseplane is the same my same presets are still here !! I think my presets should be not here. So i have any reponse from Oldprop juste " We are gonna look " i'm still waiting since 15 days. It's maybe P3D V3 ? I don't know but i don't want to restaure my cumputer for chaseplane. PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE help me chaseplane make me crazy .