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  1. I fully agree with your statement. I just did not want to see the A320 get bashed and have become a bit protective of the product. I have not posted to bash you Paul and indeed, am highly delighted that your issue was recognized and resolved. It is a great model and needs a bit of care and when its running fine on a system that is stable, will give you endless hours of fun and learning. Please accept my apologies if you were thinking i was having a go. That was not my intention. John
  2. I fully stand by my post. The title is misleading and incorrect. It is P3d/Nvidea that is the issue but people who use the term "FSLabs" to find something will be immediately drawn to your post which would (until clarified) make them assume that the Aircraft has a VAS leak issue. I guess the following statement would enforce that stance. My post was not negative but more informative.
  3. Maybe you could change the offensive title of your thread? Too quick to jump the gun i think. The team are always available to assist through the correct channels.
  4. If you have your route selected correctly and have a TOD visible, then you can look at the altimeter within your PFD and you should see a magenta doughnut .That is your vertical path marker.. It will be in the center as you start your descent and the aim is to keep it as near to center as possible. Handy to know if you need to squirt a little speedbrake in on your descent. Another option as you mentioned is to select the PROG page in your FMGC and this will show deviation from vertical path.
  5. For me, Froogle has lost his integrity. How can you be un biased about a company you test for? I used to like his videos but there is a pattern to him now that is unlikable.
  6. Dear Robert and team. Looking forward to this and a big thank you for the mention of our VA. Very best regards John Barnes CEO BAVirtual.
  7. If this topic is allowed to run then i can only say that this man is a conceited **. Under no circumstances would i let an anti AVSIM thread run in our forum. Thanks for your support moderators.
  8. Your right Jack. Here is not the place. After looking at it, you are only getting one version here and there is so much more than the few words written. Not going to turn this into a flame war. People who like it will stay and people who don't will leave.
  9. Quite simple really. For you it seems there is no point. For others there is. Tea or coffee which do you prefer? Its all down to personal choice.
  10. @LorneJordan. Please state which British Airways Virtual you attempted to join. As a Board member of British Airways Virtual www.bavirtual.co.uk i would be interested to find out. I do have an opinion on your post and will answer if it is us. John Barnes Speedbird7 Director of Training British Airways Virtual. www.bavirtual.co.uk
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