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  1. Dear Robert and team. Looking forward to this and a big thank you for the mention of our VA. Very best regards John Barnes CEO BAVirtual.
  2. If this topic is allowed to run then i can only say that this man is a conceited **. Under no circumstances would i let an anti AVSIM thread run in our forum. Thanks for your support moderators.
  3. Your right Jack. Here is not the place. After looking at it, you are only getting one version here and there is so much more than the few words written. Not going to turn this into a flame war. People who like it will stay and people who don't will leave.
  4. Quite simple really. For you it seems there is no point. For others there is. Tea or coffee which do you prefer? Its all down to personal choice.
  5. @LorneJordan. Please state which British Airways Virtual you attempted to join. As a Board member of British Airways Virtual www.bavirtual.co.uk i would be interested to find out. I do have an opinion on your post and will answer if it is us. John Barnes Speedbird7 Director of Training British Airways Virtual. www.bavirtual.co.uk
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