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  1. No just on drive F,because I had problems with the default install with Windows 7 o/s I decided to reinstall it on its own drive and knock on wood its working just fine with the execption of the mysterious texture dissappearance after re install. When I checked the AI aircraft which remained in the files left after I uninstalled Fs9 all the AI textures in the files had gone, just the basic aircraft model and aircraft cfg remained. I've gone back to the WOAI site and redownloaded the packages with the missing textures and so far they are showing where their supposed to. Robin
  2. No there is just the aircraft entries, no I installed Fs9 on a seperate drive drive F,checked the default folder on drive C nada. Robin
  3. I used the WOA installer made sure the flightplans were for Fs9 and the texture folders were missing from the aircraft folder. Really puzzeling about this. Robin
  4. The traffic bgls I re compiled them and then I checked to see if they would show up at the airports used. I used traffic tool box to verify the plans and aircraft. Then I went to the aircraft folder in Fs9 and checked the a/c used, no textures for the aircraft used. The planes were from WOAI and so where the flight plans. I completely reinstalled Fs9 because of a fault which kept the program shutting down, the new reinstall works just fine execpt for the texture problem and it pretains to all the AI aircraft. Robin
  5. Hi; Something screwed up and I had to reinstall Fs9, I then reinstalled all my AI aircraft and used TTools to do my flight plans and checked that they are in the Scenery/world/scenery folder, they are. When I went to check for my addon flightplans and the aircraft nuthing just the default traffic. So I went to the said AI aircraft and all the revelent textures are missing! Where did these textures go? Totally ###### off. Can anyone explain why this happened. Thanks Robin :unsure:
  6. Thanks to both of you for the suggestions I'll try them out. Robin
  7. Hi; I am running Windows 7 as my o/s and I've done the adm route,compatibilitey route, and got AIFP221,TTools, and have been mucking about trying to get the flightplans I've made with the program to show up at the airport used for the plans which CYUL. I've complied the plans etc and checked the departure time etc and when I use TTB to see if the aircraft are there nothing shows up except the default traffic files aircraft. Is it Windows 7 which is causing the problems. Please give me your views on this darn thing. Robin
  8. I Finally got the link to work and d/l'dthe program and installed it. Thanks for all the replies. Robin
  9. Hi; I've a problem with Traffic Toolbox explore function, when I click on it to defaults to the system tray and I cant get it to display on the main screen of Fs9. I am using Windows 7 Professional as my O/S and I've run the program as an administrator. Has anyone got any ideas on how to make the explore function work properly? Thanks in advance. Robin :unsure:
  10. Hi Hope I've got the right place for this topic. I used to be able to watch my AI flights in FS9 using Traffic Tools SDK but according to what I've read only the deluxe version of FSX has this in it, since I have the ordinary version is there any freeware program which will allow me to watch my planes . Robin
  11. Thanks everyone, I have downloaded AIFlightplanner. Robin
  12. Sorry About posting in the wrong sub forum, I still havent found where I can download the new version. Robin
  13. Hi; I would like to know if Lee Swordy has a new version of TTools which is supposed to work with FSX. Can anyone steer me to where I can download it please? Thanks Robin
  14. Hi I bought Seagate HD external with ITerabits and installed FSX on it plus all info pertaining to FSX. Since I'm new to FSX I am still trying to equate it to FS9 and it works very well. Robin
  15. Hi; I posted earlier as to why I got a aircraft initalization error message, which made sense now I am trying to find these files on my Windows 7 O/S. Cause if I cant delete them I cant get Fs9 to load. Any help much appreciated. Thanks Robin
  16. Thanks for all the replies, just goes to show that being away for more than 6 months one forgets these tips. Again thanks to all replies Robin
  17. Hi I've tried to return to Fs9 using Windows 7 professional O/S I got the da;r;n thing to load and it ran briefly and I downloaded some aircraft which showed up on the A/C list then tried the addon scenery route did the run as a administrator stuff and had plenty of frustration trying to get the addon scenery to work without much success. I had to delete the program because something was making the program unstable. I thought I'll just reinstall the sucker, Ha not so! I tried three(3) times and each time I get this damn message " Aircraft Initalization failure do328jet Midwest", microsoft Flight Simulator has stopped working" Now I deleted this aircraft from the aircraft list, took the a/c out of the files left over and still I get the message and can't run FS9! Has some kind soul have any ideas how I can get the damn program to work again!! Thanks in advance Robin
  18. Hi all; i'm at my wits end trying to get Fs9 to work properly on my HP Pavilion dv6-1134ca laptop the O/S in Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit with service pack 1. I used the Fs9 disks to upload it and no-cd, plus update 9.1. I also installed I/S2 , after some adjustments I got it to show up but found that the keys which worked ok on my computer would not work properly on the laptop, I also had a problem to get it out of full screen fixed that but now the views are all screwed up. I am not very good at finding,fixing trouble spots on computers so what I'm asking is a simple way to get Fs9 to work on this laptop, I can follow directions ok so any advice, tips will relieve a great deal of frustration. Thanks in advance Robin
  19. Hi; I am seeking advice on how to judge the height and distance of service vehicules to be placed around an AI aircraft using IS-2 for Fs9. I am trying to add vehicules to my airports in Fs9 and would like to know how scenery designers do it. I have been playing around and still have a lot of problems getting the distance and sizeing to a point which looks right. I also use AFCAD to move my a/c around to the various Aircraft gate and ramp positions. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. Robin
  20. Thanks to all for the replies, guess I'm stuck along with all Fs9 users flying in the AI world. Robin
  21. Thanks Tom; I have your AI packages everything but the sound files,will get them and I have really enjoyed the oldies flying around in my skies many thanks for the work done. Just a thought is it possible to alais sounds from non AI to AI planes? Robin
  22. Hi I've been reading this post, and have tried to improve the volume of the default sounds which by the way just increase the volume. I bought FSHot Seat and found it lacking for what I wanted it for. Which was the roar of a AI jet taking off etc. I am wondering can one alais a jet sound to an AI aircraft? I have an extensive library of non AI aircraft sounds available any ideas on this? Robin
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