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  1. Hi Guys My CPU = Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ CPU@2,80GHz 2,80GHz, Win10 64-bit, Installierter RAM =16Gb, GeForce® GTX 1060 I've checked my bgls with AIFlightplanner and no FS9 files where found
  2. Hi Guys, Since a few days I've a big Problem with my FPS I think I've detcted the reason for my bad FPS... I think it's my AI Traffic If I have the Airline traffic density 0% I've 50-60FPS at Aerosoft Frankfurt with ORBX Vector and OpenLC, but when I increase to 1% i have only 1-2FPS. I have no Traffic-Pack like MyTraffic installed because I use the files from Alpha-India How can I solve this problem??? My Prepar3D is v4.4 Thanks for your help
  3. Accepted i open P4AO and press OK by Scnery editing Reports and then I close without saving, have this any effect
  4. Need this a new full installation of all third party addons?
  5. Yes there was something in violet, but i didn't know what (I think is was the FSdreamteam exclude but I'm not sure) P3D4.4
  6. Sorry my english is not the best I have installed the P4AO and I've got a massege that some Sceneries where corrected an have pressed save. After this my FPS where down. I have reinstalled P3D and all Third Party Addons and the FPS where still down. Than i have made a new Windows 10 installation, also P3d and some addons and everything where fine. After that i have installed P4AO get the Messege some Sceneries where corrected and have saved this, and my P3D was crashed to 0FPS.
  7. Hi Guys, after the download and Installation of the newest Addon Manager my FPS in Prepar3d crash to 0,1-0,8fps this happens 3times All the 3 times the Sim was broken totaly, that means a new reinstall was not enought -> after a new istallation of W10 and P3d everything was fine, the same problem after a new install of Addon Manager on 20th april after the opening of Addon Manager everything crashed to 0,1-0,8fps. Where is the problem Please help me
  8. I have tried this but it dosen't work but I have set DX10 AA to 4x not to "No AA" is this important
  9. Hi, yes in DX9 mode they work How can I add a picture??? without url???
  10. Hi Guys, I have made a new installation of my FSXSE and no I'm missing some Volumetric lights in my PMDG 777 after installing Immersion Pack I can't see the landing, Runway, Taxi and Winglights in my FSX All other effects e.g Beacon, strobes etc are ok Dx10Scenery Fixer have no effect I can see the missing lights for one second not more... Where is the mistake??? Thanks for your help guys...
  11. Hi Guys, I've 2 problems The first ... How can I delete Camera settings??? The second ... Chase Plane don't recognize my mouse wheel, I can't Zoom and it is not possible to use the In-Sim View Selector inside the FSX Thanks for your help guys
  12. Ok now i have V3 but how do I unzip or Install
  13. Hi guys I have a problem I have downloaded Version 161101 (November 2016)from the support page, but it is only one big zip file with many other zip files inside How do I install this files??? Thanks for your help
  14. Hi Guys I have the same problem with V.0.1.37 I have installed FSX:SE and in my AppData and ProgramData Folder is only a FSX folder with a fsx.cfg
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