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  1. Yes ist possible to Change the preset. 1. click on PRESET to make the VOR2 active in the display 2. on the Panel between the PFD and the MFD click on NAV 3. on the same Panel turn the upper rotary knob (the blue one) to select the VOR1 on the PFD near the PRESET button 4. last click on NAV again and you are done
  2. Hi Bert, you are right. I just testet it out: Takeoff with no flaps. - just after leaving the ground, the warning comes up: "too low flaps" this warning is tied to the FLAP OVRD button - just after put up the wheels, there are two warnings: "too low gear" and "too low Terrain" both are tied to the TERR INHIB button
  3. You can turn on "G/S Inhibit". This button is between the two displays (PFD + MFD) in front of you.
  4. I have the wonderfull Citation without any mods. Only servicepack 2, and i don't have the Navigraph FMC-Extetension. I use the FMC for every flight. For the needed waypoints I use the Onlineflightplanner: http://onlineflightplanner.org/ When you want to use it, you have to choose the oldest AIRAC cycle. This guarantees that every waypoint exists in FSX and also in the FMC of the Citation. Give it a try. To store the flightplans I made a textfile and stored it with the name Flightplans.txt inside the airplanes Folder "\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado S550_Citation II\". Now edit the aircraft.cfg: - in every texture-chapter (fltsim.xx) Change "kb_reference=" to "kb_reference=Flightplans" Now you can simply look at all your flightplans with the standard kneeboard (shift+F10) and its very simple to add more and more flightplans to this textfile. I want to share my flightplans with you, so here is my Flightplans.txt: EDAH-EDDF: RITEV LINVO SOBLU MAG BAMKI PILAM FUL EDDF-EDDL: KIR RUDOT ULMEN POBIX NOR ELDAR EDDF-EDDM: DKB XERUM BURAM WLD EDDF-EDDS: ANEKI BADLI KRH EDDF-EDDH: WRB EDDF-EDDV: WRB EDDH-EKCH: LUB GES CDA EKCH-EDDV: BISTA MIC LBE EDDL-EDDS: COL AMASI RIDSU ABUKA SUNEG EDDM-EDDF: ALB LANGI WUR EDDM-EDDS: RIDAR DODIL TEKSI EDDM-EDDV: ALB ANELA GORKO DEMAB MASEK LAU EDDM-EGLL: ALB LANGI TESGA BATTY BUB DENUT LAM EDDS-EDDF: LBU LOPNI PSA EDDS-EDDL: SUNEG ABUKA RIDSU UBIDU AMASI MONAX COL EDDS-EDDF: LBU LOPNI PSA EDDV-EDAH: CEL BKD GUBTO TORLO EDDV-EDDF: WRB NATSU RANIN GED EDDV-EDDM: LAU MASEK HAB WUR DKB WLD LOWI-EDDF: KOGOL MAH NDG DKB WUR MDSD-TNCM: MIROX DARSI MAZ DDP MALIE STT LARPP PHLI-PHMU: SHIGI HNL LNY UPP PHMU-PHLI: UPP LNY GECKO MORKE TNCM-MDSD: LARPP STT MALIE DDP MAZ DARSI MIROX I hope this will help to enjoy this wonderfull Citation.
  5. may be this thread in simouthouse-forum can help: http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php?84508-Where-is-the-P3DV2-Exe-xml-file-located I wonder that the installer for P3D is searching in the FSX-path. Maybe ist a issue inside the installer. The correct path for the exe.xml in P3D should be like this: x:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2 Hope this helps
  6. I think you are right, the only way I know is the 2D-popup
  7. Hi tesler8, simply extract the GAUGEC2.CAB to a folder named GAUGEC2. For extraction you can use a program like 7zip or winrar or ... Now you can edit the XML-file with a text-editor. The Folder can stay in Gauges together with the .CAB-file. If FSX find both it will prefer always the folder.
  8. I always use the FMC. As I noticed it controls only decents and only when I pushed the NAV-Button on the FMC. The Autopilot the decents to the altitude witch i have Input at the waypoint in the FMC. Oh sorry, my english, I hope you understand me. When i loaded a flightplan, or when i enter the waypoints by my self, the I DON'T push the NAV-button on the FMC. The the autopilot climb and decents (when I push AltSel) always to the altitude what is selected with the Altitudeselector. No matte what altitudes are in the FMC. So i think, the FMC only serves ist altitudes to the Autopilot when the NAV-button on the FMC is used.
  9. I noticed that the FPS drop down a Little bit, when on HSI and/or MFD the green terrain-mapmode is activated. The FPS-drop on my System is about 2-4 FPS.
  10. Hi Mark, in the aircraft.cfg search for: [General] atc_type=C550 atc_model=C25A ... and Change it to: [General] atc_type=CESSNA atc_model=C550 ...  Now the FS-ATC say "...Cessna Citation..."
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