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  1. Yes ist possible to Change the preset. 1. click on PRESET to make the VOR2 active in the display 2. on the Panel between the PFD and the MFD click on NAV 3. on the same Panel turn the upper rotary knob (the blue one) to select the VOR1 on the PFD near the PRESET button 4. last click on NAV again and you are done
  2. Hi Bert, you are right. I just testet it out: Takeoff with no flaps. - just after leaving the ground, the warning comes up: "too low flaps" this warning is tied to the FLAP OVRD button - just after put up the wheels, there are two warnings: "too low gear" and "too low Terrain" both are tied to the TERR INHIB button
  3. You can turn on "G/S Inhibit". This button is between the two displays (PFD + MFD) in front of you.
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