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  1. Hello Everyone I need help with that issue. I ran VoxATC on Prepar3D V4 PC all FIR Agencies are in correct handover, but when i run it over network it work with me except the FIR handover is not correct it switch me to Oceanic Center instead of the FIR i am flying over. any idea to fix it is there any contact with VoxATC publisher i am trying to contact him no response. anyone have idea for future update? many thanks best regards
  2. Thanks I appreciate your help and your time I will try to change the flight plan route the one i am using is taken from (Route Finder) website. I will create another one with different route and see what is going to happen. that is strange behavior from VoxATC. I don’t know what is reason is it from Approach Frequency or from Waypoint that i am flying over. I hope the issue will be solved from FsAerodata in the next Cycle. VoxATC Developers do not provide any update for the amazing product. I tried to contact them many times they do not respond to me since a year
  3. Hello First thanks for reply I did a flight on Same Route from OMDB to OBBI with adding STAR Transition SOGT1 still the problem exist once I pass Waypoint SOLOB that before SOGAT VoxATC Switch me to Bahrain Approach on 119.10 I get Fatal Error Disable
  4. Hello Everyone I am running Prepar3D v4.4 with VoxATC v7.42 and Active Sky P3D4 on Networking. Everything is updated using fsaerodata and Navigraph softwares with Cycle 1904 i encounters some issue with one Leg of Flight From OMDB to OBBI when i start my flight everything run smooth from push back all the way to descend once the VoxATC switch me to Bahrain Approach with Frequency which is 119.100 i dial it and transmit i got Fatal Error without respond from the agency after i tried to change the Frequency to Bahrain tower and transmit i hear the tower report message Go a head with no further instructions. After I disabled VoxATC and enable it still Fatal Error. I flew the opposite Leg from OBBI to OMDB everything runs Smooth from push back to land and taxi to gate without any issue. after i flew on different Flight plan still the issue exists. any idea and Help Please could someone help me to fix this issue. Thanks Best Regards
  5. I just check many things i found the problem is networking i run VoxATC on network pc so i test the VoxATC on same P3D pc now it works with me i get the correct agency call Sign the problem is network do you run VoxATC on same flight sim machine or on network?
  6. The problem is when i create a flight plan for example From Dubai to London and i take off i will be hand over to Dubai approach after that to Dubai Center everything is Ok Ground to Tower to Approach except Center it switch me to Oceanic Center which is not Realstic i tried to do everything still the problem exists and I don’t have solution for it
  7. Yes every flight plan that is happened, I will try to disable the navigraph and see what is happen, is there any solution for that to get the correct agency call sign instead of oceanic Center.
  8. All ready did that and rerun VoxATC indexer still Oceanic Center following me again
  9. Hello there I need help with my VoxATC Communication Agencies specially Oceanic Center after updating with Fsaerodata I still have to switch to oceanic center instead of the updated agency center, so I need to solve that problem I tried to fix that problem by converting the bgl file that VoxATC takes the information from it to XML and adding the Frequency and agency name it shows it is been updated by Fsaerodata and all the information are correct. any help please Thanks
  10. Is Traffic Global interact with VoxATC can i hear to the Traffic generated by traffic Global in the communications
  11. What kind of AI package you use i am looking for schedule airline package and how will interact with VoxATC
  12. What about the Ultimate Traffic Live Bridge they have not announced about it?!
  13. Hello there is there announcement for new update of Voxatc ? Thanks
  14. Hello everyone i need a help please, setting up Voxatc ver 7.41 over network on multiple PC running JETMAX ON Multiple pc 3 Pc’s First PC runs Lockheed Martin P3D ver 4.1 second PC Sim Avionics on JETMAX Third PC VOXATC Ver 7.41 there are three Software for VOXATC Main software P3D Net server 7 software remote Panel software how to install the it on the PC’s? which softwares in the P3D PC and which software in the VOXATC PC? in short term what i did I install the main P3D v4 in P3D PC and install the Net server 7 & Remote Panel in VOXATC PC i got Fatel Error thanks Best Regards
  15. No i have been using VOXATC Before
  16. Hello Everyone I need a help please First of all my FSX system is: 3 CPU's 1.Run's FSX 2.JETMAX 737 (Client) 3.Weather Station (Active Sky Next). All of them are networked The FSX CPU is intel Extreme Core 990x OCZ 12Gb Ram Hard Disk: SSD 250Gb Graphics Card: Nvidia 680 GTX FTW 4Gb Windows: 7 Ultimate 64bit Running 3 Monitors on Surround Feature in Nvidia 4th is extended Display FSX GOLD Version VOXATC Version 6.34 with 4 IVONA Voices iFly 737NG 3.2.1 With cockpit Builder Edition Fly Tampa Dubai Rebooted REX Direct Texture ORBX FTX Global+Vector Fs Dream Team Ground Service X FSUIPC Last Update Fs Wide over the Weather Station CPU. My Problem is i start the FSX normal with saved flight as default iFly 737-800 as directed by iFly publisher with save start procedure for complex aircraft and load the aircraft in OMDB (Dubai) Parking at the Gate i select the menu to load FSX Flight planner for example OMDB to OTBD (Doha airport) load the flight plan Enable VOXATC ATIS is appear i Tune the Frequency listen to the ATIS some time the voice be came broken and not responding the major issue with my is the AI Traffic appear on the Gates but taxi or take off or landing one missing texture only lights and cockpit is showing and when land on my planned destination i got missing building with same AI Traffic problem with out texture only lights when i minimize the screen with disabling VOX to change my new call-sign in VOXATC Setting for the return flight without exiting the flight the screen gets blank and miss everything like scenery and aircraft. Best Regards Thanks.
  17. Hello This message from the publisher of VOXATC, I E-Mail him and he reply to me that E-Mail. This lack of handover is intentional. It's what happens in reality at medium sized airports in the US. This does not happen in Europe. We are still looking at a networked version. Regards Tegwyn West
  18. Hello I Notice the new Update has no hand-over to tower Freq the previous Update has that option Any idea
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