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  1. This week, I was building an online shopping cart for a new 8700K / 1080TI custom build, in anticipation of purchasing and installing P3D v4 later this month. Looks like I'm putting those plans on hold for now until full data on the performance impacts (especially from the P3D perspective) is available. I might just wait until 2019 when the redesigned hardware chips come out, sigh...
  2. Ultimate VFR

    California (Early Access) is now available at the Ultimate VFR store, includes imagery and night lighting. The water and autogen portions are expected in January.
  3. Germany and Austria

    Check out this thread for screenshots:
  4. Austria West HD

    Austria HD West (download version) is now available at the Aerosoft shop, for 44.50 euros. Just picked up my copy there today. The West download size is 12.4 GB. Similar to the Austria East download size which was about 12 GB.
  5. Austria West HD

    I already picked up Austria East last week from Aerosoft, when it was on sale for 20% off. :smile: So will just be patient for the West portion...amazing screenshots indeed!
  6. Austria West HD

    I think I'll wait until this becomes available at the Aerosoft shop, with a download price of 44.50 euros.
  7. Ultimate VFR

    UltimateVFR's Facebook page (, as well as its storefront (, are apparently no longer operational...
  8. Saitek throttles out of stock everywhere?

    Saitek is a part of Mad Catz. I just found this news article from Feb. 10 on the financial condition of Mad Catz: That seems not to be good news for Saitek products becoming available again soon...
  9. SIMstarter - Preview Version 2.7 with new SceneryManager!

    Check this post:
  10. SIMstarter Version 2.7 - out now!

    With FTX Central 2, the dialog can be immediately started for a specific simulator (FSX, P3Dv2, P3Dv3, etc) by using the /sim command-line parameter. On the ORBX tab of the Profile Settings, when "Use SIMStarter for ORBX settings" is enabled and the selected region is set to "Use 'FTX Central 2' dialog": When SIMStarter starts the FTX Central 2 dialog, the /sim parameter is apparently not passed to specify the simulator version. So FTX Central displays the "Select a simulator..." dialog. Can this be fixed such that SIMStarter will automatically start the FTX Central 2 dialog for the currently enabled simulator?
  11. I am currently using multiple external scenery.cfg files, with names such as orbxscenery.cfg (dedicated to Orbx flying) and otherscenery.cfg (for non-Orbx flying). I have set up an Orbx profile in SimStarter, specifying the use of orbxscenery.cfg as the external scenery.cfg to use. I also enabled the FTX Central prompt, to allow me to run FTX Central when starting up my Orbx profile. It appears that SimStarter currently is not copying orbxscenery.cfg file to scenery.cfg, before running FTX Central. When I switch between FTX Global and regions using FTX Central, FTX Central will update the scenery.cfg file. But that scenery.cfg hadn't yet copied over from orbxscenery.cfg. When FTX Central is closed, SimStarter will then copy orbxscenery.cfg over to scenery.cfg, clobbering the scenery.cfg updates made by FTX Central. Can SimStarter be fixed to have the proper scenery.cfg file in place first based on the profile scenery specifications, before running FTX Central?