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  1. Do they offer new skins to this aircraft so you can fly your favorite airline?
  2. Jammerjonn

    Before buying QualityWings Boeing 787

    I purchased Captain Sim 777 and wasn't impressed but it was cheaper than PMDG. I hope they might come out with a 787 or A380.
  3. Jammerjonn

    Best AI Traffic program for FSX-SE

    I forgot to say that I waited in the gate for 30 mins. I do have AI traffic while flying. It's the airport enviroment that sucks.
  4. Well I'm still looking for a program for FSXSE. I was using UT2 then bought UTLive and followed the instructions to turn off UT2 (if I don't uninstall it) and all the rest and it sucks! Lots of ATC chatter, most gates full of AI parked there NONE landing, taxing etc. Waste of money. I was thinking of MyTraffic 6 or Traffic Global by Just Flight....... Why doesn't someone make a program that is customizable to the amount of ai traffic that actually does something instead of just parking at the gates? I have UTLive set at zero frame rate, populate 500 AI and I selected to have over 50 repaints! All I get is parked AI. With UT2-before all the updates, I had to wait to be pushed back out of the gates, get in line to taxi and wait for several landings before I got the ok to take off. Very realistic! Sometimes I just want to plane spot from the control tower......Anyone have a suggestion?
  5. Jammerjonn

    Best AI Traffic Add-On

    Thanks for the help, I will try reinstall. Here's an answer I got back, however he is with sales not support: There will not be an substantial increase of traffic over UT2. All depends on the airline activities between the two data sets of UT2 and UTLive if you see increases or decreases in traffic. Keep the Blue Side UP! Jeff Smith --x-O-x-- Flight One Software Sales Support
  6. I'm using FSXSE and was using UT2. I read all the hype about UTLive so I bought it. I installed it as the manual says and....and....no AI. A lot of users are complaining. I had more with UT2. I got on the support page and was told don't expect much??? Really?? So I'm looking for a new AI program or go back to UT2. Just wondering what everyone else is using. Has anyone tried Traffic Global yet? https://www.justflight.com/product/traffic-global
  7. Jammerjonn

    AVSIM Basic FSX Configuration Guide

    Is the FSX Steam version able to run in a multi core mode? I know the box version does not. Thanks
  8. Jammerjonn

    FSX CTD with SmartAssembly error

    I only have flight 1 software add-ons and they say smart &@($* and smart assembly is not included so where else can it be coming from? I have a w7 pro 64 bit with sp1 system and it has net 3.5 and 3.5 sp1 and 4.5 should I uninstall 4.5?
  9. Jammerjonn


    Hi this is now happening to me on my Windows 7 Pro 64 bit system with SP1. I did a clean install of everything. I have several entries of .NET 3.5 and sp1 and also 4.5. should I uninstall 4.5?