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  1. I don´t know If technically would be possible, but if it is, and if somebody could create a tool that works softly, and fine I think would be a must have add-on from minute one. It would be worth each cent, IMHO.
  2. NVIDIA DLSS 3: AI-Powered Performance Multiplier Boosts Frame Rates By Up To 4X : nvidia (reddit.com)
  3. Hi Unfortunately, last update becames unusuable for me due to the lack of any kind of sound from P2ATC, no voices or chats sounds are received. Maybe I,m doing something wrong? Regards
  4. No luck, in my case MSFS and AITC seem to be incompatible Anyway, thank you
  5. HI Unfortunately, is no possible to me enjoy AIG Traffic, for some reason AITC closes as soon as tries to connect to MSFS. Any ide what can it be happening? Regards
  6. Sorry, I think I found the workaround, a complete uninstall and installation and all is coming to work properly.
  7. Hi Recently It seems that, once pasted and imported a Flight Plan from seembrief, is not possible to open the window to assign the appropriate rwy and SID, however is no problem to do the same with the STAR and arrival. Any idea about it? Thanks in advance Regards
  8. Ok, I see. Honestly I don't use to do it. I suppose it could be that. Actually, I thought it is not necessary. I"ll give it a try Thank you
  9. I have a recurrent issue, I don´t get taxi instructions to the gate at destination after landing, I don´t receive the ground frequency from t tower. Even more, if I try to get it, requesting to tower change the frequency to ground, I don´t get any response. Maybe I`m doing something wrong? Regards
  10. Yes, I can confirm is a repeated issue, unfortunately, same here. Many of us, affected users like me hope for some kind of response from Asobo, I wish Asobo could be using the next update on August 24 for that. To summarize, in my opinion, the common and main symptoms found, would be the next. - More frequently after SU5 (many people experience that for first time). - Appears in long-haul flights (2 hours and a half or more flights). - Once happens the GPU stress goes below 30% - 40%. or more - Frequently, (not always), the FBW A320 (dev version) is present
  11. Hi, However, I've to say this tricky doesn't work for me, actually. And yes, remembers the P3D long haul flights behavioiur, so may be an issue memory leaks related. In fact, that is an issue really present in MSFS oficcial forum. Regards
  12. Same issue here, no more than a two hours flight, and the performance degradation and stutters are evident. No temperatures problem at this moment and the cpu and gpu stress became really low. My specifications are Nvidia RTX 3090 and AMD Ryzen 5900X. 32 Gb RAM. May be a bug not fixed by the last update? Regards
  13. Maybe one step forward more to achieve a real autopilot vertical navigation? Outstanding work!!!
  14. Yes, no more CTDs after the Prepar3d.cfg file tweak.. Good Job!!
  15. Hi I`ve the issue too, in addition I can confirm the ctds dissapear after disabling sode, so I hope LM or SODE could be aware of this. Regards
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