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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their help and opinions. In the end, I think I'll go with the additional 512 GB SSD to match the one I've got now. As it stands now, my current single 512 GB SSD has 317 GB remaining. I've got just the vanilla FSX install, the OS, other games, and other stuff. So...reading through some of your examples..based on just the FSX Add-Ons I've already purchased but not installed, and some of the numbers you guys are throwing out...it looks like I may well end up adding somewhere in the neighborhood of 100-200GB. If I take another 200 from 317, that would leave me with 117. The more space I leave on that SSD, the better its going to wear level and the faster and healthier it will remain so I've ordered that 2nd SSD to be safe. Then, before I get anything else installed into FSX...when I get the new SSD installed I'll uninstall FSX, install it on the new SSD in a d:\FSX or some such (Right now, its installed in the default c:\program files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X - or whatever the full default path is). This will give me a chance to put FSX in a d:\FSX folder like you guys recommended, and have all of my AddOns and FSX stuff over there in one place. As a side note, it'll also make my backups easier. Having FSX installed on my C drive ends up pulling that into my backup images. Its a never-ending battle. Once you get that computer case closed and you think you're done for a while....there you are back in it again tinkering or adding something else. Nature of the beast I suppose
  2. Thanks to everyone for the great responses! Its really helpful. Based on the responses I'm getting, it sounds like maybe it would be helpful if I threw some more info out there. So...here is the boat I'm in. Once upon a time (around 2006) I spent a great deal of time in FS9. I had alot of addons, etc. Then I picked up FSX and my PC at the time just didn't have the muscle. You know how it is sometimes...I was so bummed that my PC didn't have the horsepower...that I just stuck with FS9, eventually lost interest, and eventually just put my hobby completely on hold and moved on to other things. A couple years later, I upgraded my machine and took another swing at FSX. I was able to run it pretty well stock but then picked up a bunch of AddOns and it put it to its knees. Once again, I just shelfed it. Flash forward to today...brand new machine that I built with alot more horsepower than previously. Its a night and day difference. So, here I am with FSX again. Right now, as previously mentioned, I've got Vanilla FSX installed and I'm slowly wading through learning it. Its been a while since I messed with it so I'm starting from the beginning and taking my time. But...I still have this "pile" of addons that I purchased in the past...that are all ready to go. I've downloaded all the most recent versions and upgraded to the most recent versions. I just haven't actually "installed" any of them yet. So here I am....and I'm trying to decide...."Gee...once I start installing all this stuff am I going to actually start running low on space on my SSD?". So that brings me to the question I asked you guys above. I'd really hate to install all that stuff and then find out I've only got like 50 Gigs left on the drive, have to get another drive, then do it ALL over again. On the filpside, I'd hate to blow a bunch of money on another SSD and discover that I had plenty of space for everything on my current SSD and really didn't need to blow the money on the new one. Here are the AddOns that I have sitting here...I've actually got quite a few of them. UTX USA UTX Canada UTX Alaska UTX Tropical America & Carribean GEX North America GEX Atlantic & Pacific Tropics REXE (Although I haven't downloaded OD for it yet, and that would have to wait until its actually installed) OpusFSX AS2012 I had a few AddOn Aircraft from FS9 but either they aren't supported in FSX or there are better versions out there now so I probably won't mess with them. I'd rather just get new ones. Thats the stuff I currently have. In addition, I'll most likely pick up a few AddOn payware aircraft (RealAir Lancair, MilViz Cessna 310, RealAir or A2A Cessna 172 when it comes out, etc.) and a good selection of the ORBX/FTX scenery. I'm thinking about getting the entire Pacific Northwest, Pacific Fiords, Northern Rockies, Central Rockies...i.e....as much of the U.S. as I can. Lastly, I'm interested in trying out the new "Combat Pilot Series" when it is released. It requires and uses FSX but has its own separate install. It some ways you could call it an add on, and in some ways its more of a whole separate package. I'm not sure exaclty how to classify that one. You guys think that a list similar to the above will take more than say...200GB?
  3. I'm just starting out with FSX, working on getting it configured and running the way I want it, etc. Right now I have just the vanilla FSX installed but I also have quite a few AddOns I purchased but haven't installed yet (Weather, Scenery, Aircraft, etc.). I figured I'd want to get familiar with the "stock" FSX before I install the AddOns. Between FSX and Addons (Weather, Scenery, Aircraft, etc.) that you'd install on the SSD alongside FSX, how much drive space do you think that might take? Now, I realize thats extremely subjective because different folks have different stuff. I currently have a single 512 GB SSD with my OS, Programs, and FSX as well as all necessary add ons. For Add Ons that don't require the SSD, I have a 3 TB HDD that is cached to an SSD so its still fairly quick...but certainly not SSD quick. However, that 512GB SSD is used for ALL programs...not just FSX. I have other games there (Battlefield 3, Batman, etc) and other sims (DCS World, P-51D, Black Shark, A-10) installed there as well. I still have plenty of space left but I only just started FSX and I want to plan ahead. I'm trying to get some opinions on whether I'll need to pick up another 512GB SSD uninstall FSX while its still just the vanilla install and then reinstall it and any AddOns to a new separate SSD? Or whether I'll be fine with just the lone 512 GB SSD? Thanks!
  4. Thanks BMG50 & SKEWR. Much appreciated
  5. Thank you Word Not Allowed. Actually...it was your guide that led me to ask the question about NI. I was in the process of working through your guide and it mentioned NI but I wasn't familiar with what NI is or what it does. I'll definitely download it and get it installed. Do you happen to know where a safe place to download it from is?
  6. I'm reading through Word Not Allowed's guide and I see mention of the Nvidia Inspector. Does the Nvidia Inspector do the exact same thing that you can set through the Nvidia 3D Settings Panel that is installed with the driver? (Things like setting FXAA vs. CSAA, Supersampling, etc. ec.). I'm not familiar with Nvidia Inspector and was wondering if someone might tell me what you guys use it for in FSX and how you best utilize it in FSX? Would you happen to have a link to explain how and why we use it in FSX? I'm new to FSX and in the process of setting up/tweaking my FSX install. Should I be installing Nvidia Inspector as well? Is this payware or freeware? Is this something that is downloaded direct from Nvidia or something created by a 3rd party? Thanks!
  7. I'm running FSX Full-Screen 1920x1080. I have a second sidecar monitor as well (1920x1200) that I put FSX's kneeboard on, drag panels to, etc. The VC looks just fine. However, if I pull up the 2D Panel...its sort of "Squashed". None of the instruments are "round", they are all oval shaped and squashed. I did set WideViewAspect to True in the fsx.cfg. It didn't seem to have any effect. Is there a known fix for this? Or is it that most folks just don't use the 2D panels? Thanks!
  8. Thank you for the answers. Another question I'll throw out there: Between FSX and the type of addons (Scenery, etc.) that you'd install on the SSD alongside FSX, how much drive space do you think that might take? Now, I realize thats extremely subjective because different folks have different stuff. The reason I ask is because I currently have a 512 GB SSD with my OS, Programs, and FSX as well as all necessary add ons. For Add Ons that don't require the SSD, I have a 3 TB HDD that is cached to an SSD so its still fairly quick...but certainly not SSD quick. However, that 512GB SSD is used for ALL programs...not just FSX. I have other games there (Battlefield 3, Batman, etc) and other sims (DCS World, P-51D, Black Shark, A-10) installed there as well. I still have plenty of space left but I only just started FSX and I want to plan ahead. I'm trying to determine whether I need to pick up another 512GB SSD, uninstall FSX and reinstall it and any AddOns to a new SSD. Or whether I'll be fine with just the lone 512 GB SSD? This might help you. About the same time I configured the aforementioned 512GB SSD (Its a Crucial M4) I e-mailed their support to ask if they recommended any over-provisioning on it. In case you don't know (If you already know this, just ignore) Over-Provisioning on an SSD is leaving extra unpartitioned space at the end of it...usually in the neighborhood of 7-10%. They way an SSD works is that, unlike a HDD, the data you write to a SSD doesn't stay in the location on that drive that it is initially written. It is constantly moving around to different memory locations on the SSD and being swapped around. The reason is that each "cell" in the SSD has a limited lifespan. Each cell can be written to a finite number of times. The SSD can increase this lifespan by making sure the "cells" wear evenly so it does this by transferring that data around. The more "empty" space there is...the more space that is available for it to swap around with. The more free space you have on an SSD, in general, the healthier and faster the drive remains. As the drive becomes more "full" it may begin to slow down and wear faster. On other SSD's I'd set up on other PC's, the manufacturers (Samsung for instance) recommended using their included software to Over-Provision and tweak the OS for an SSD (Windows 7 handles most of the 'tweaking' automatically but many still recommend turning off indexing on the SSD). Now, on the flipside, the support folks at Crucial wrote me back and told me that Over-Provisioning is entirely unnecessary on their SSD's. They told me that their SSD's will long outlive the useful lifespan of the PC they are installed in, provided I'm not doing some sort of industrial grade/scientific grade data transfers (Hundreds of gigs per day). They informed me that alot of the information about SSD's floating around out there is dated and based on when the technologies were first becoming mainstream....most of those no longer apply. So I figured I'd share what the manufacturer told me and you can make of it what you will As far as an opinion goes, holy cow....not even including running FSX or any other game for that matter...just the load times into Windows itself is worth the price of admission.
  9. I'm a bit new here and just following along and trying to learn. Just out or curiousity...Aside from REX, what sorts of things are the types of things that aren't necessary to be on a disk with lighting fast access? Also, as a sidenote, how much memory will FSX allow you to use for FSX? Is a RAM Disk an option for use...or someone simply can't make one big enough? How about a HDD cached to a small SSD?
  10. I'm new to FSX and was just curious how many folks in the community use the DirectX 10 versus the DirectX 9. What do you prefer and why? My limited understanding is that DirectX 10 may offer better performance and possibly better visuals, however on the downside, its often quirky and needs a bit of handholding to get set up properly. As I get started with FSX, I'm trying to determine whether I should invest the time and energy to attempt to get it running in DirectX 10 or whether I'd be better off in DirectX 9 (Windows 7, 64-Bit). Thanks!
  11. Thanks guys. And Thanks for writing that excellent guide Word Not Allowed! That really helps a newbie like me. I'm still working my way through it and my FSX install so far is basically stock. I don't even have that Nvidia Inspector. But that guide is sure helping. That whole "Lock your FPS at" concept is a bit new to me. I'm very familiar with vsync but I haven't seen many games or other sims that have a slider to lock the frame rate. I understand the concept though.
  12. I'm new to FSX and in the process of getting my system set up properly. I've been doing alot of reading and research, and following Word Not Allowed's wonderful guide. I had a question regarding VSYNC.... Most of the information I read assumes you have a standard monitor refresh of 60Hz, thus will show up to 60 FPS, and thus it seems common to lock your FPS at 1/2...or 30 FPS. What if you've got a refresh of 120Hz, and thus will show up to 120 FPS. Should I lock my FPS at 1/2 of that...or 60 FPS? Or should I stick with the lock at 30 FPS anyway? Thanks!
  13. J Van E & firehawk44, Thanks for those explanations and descriptions. That went a LONG way to clearing up alot of confusion on my part. It takes a bit to be able to gain any understanding on how these things all work together. Anyone know of any sort of FAQ out there somewhere or something that explains how all the different types of add-on products inter-relate so that someone knew can understand the basics of how they work? Based on your responses, it looks like my shopping list is on the right track. I'm looking at GEX, UTX, REX, and OpusFSX. It sounds like I'll be looking at a very similar setup to yours so your post was immensely helpful. Thankyou. The only difference is that I might pick up ActiveSky2012 in addition to the above simply to play with it. Several years ago when I was more active with FS9 I really enjoyed ActiveSky6...so I'll probably pick it up just to try it out. I do alot of different types of flying anyway so the variety in weather programs will certainly be an advantage. Aside from tinkering with ActiveSky though....It looks like my setup will be similar to yours. Question with regards to REX: The past couple days I've been lurking in several threads, and reading and learning about REX versus OpusFSX and some other things. The confusing part is which "REX" is the right one? I see so many acronyms mentioned for REX. Is it REX Essential? Or REX Essential Overdrive? What about the free downloads on the site. Are those good? (I see they have some road stuff, and airport stuff, and water stuff). None of this REX stuff will overwrite or conflict with my GEX/UTX stuff right (or vice versa)? Hook, Thanks again for the clarification, information, and compare/contrast. That helps. I will most likely pick up REX (as you mentioned), OpusFSX, and ActiveSky. Based on my reading and the responses I've read here I think the OpusFSX will be best for most of my uses. However, I had good luck with ActiveSky6 once upon a time. So I think it might be nice to have choices and the right tool for the job. I asked a similar question above, but I'll ask here as well for sake of completeness. Just to be sure...which version of REX is the current one I should be looking into? On the website I see a "REX Essential" and "REX Essential Overdrive". Or is it just like REX2 and somehow it automatically updates to the most current? I also see a bunch of free download stuff for REX, is that stuff good? None of that will conflict with any of the GEX/UTX stuff will it?
  14. Thanks Hook. On the topic of weather engines... At the same time as I'm following around in this thread, I'm reading others and trying to learn what I can. I've been reading along in a thread that talks about that OpusFSX you mention. Seems alot of folks think its terrifiic. I was wondering if maybe I could get your opinion, seeing as how I'm not quite sure how these things all inter-relate yet. The weather end is very important to me. I never use weather themes or set up specific weather...I always use only downloaded real-world weather. The closer it is to real world accurate for me at my departure, entroute, and destination, the better. The way I understand it, I can use the "textures" from one package and use the "weather engine" of another. As far as textures go, that sounds like its personal preference as I've seen answers all over the map. Some seem to like REX, some seem to like AS, etc. So, I'm trying to figure out which weather engine to grab. After reading what you, and others, have said about that OpusFSX...that sounds pretty good. I have some experience with ActiveSky version 6 back with FS9 so I know I really liked that. I've never used REX before but I see it recommended alot. So, based on what I'm looking for above, what would you recommend for a weather system? I'll probably end up getting REX regardless of whether I use the weather system stuff in it....as I've heard so many recommend it that it might be worth a shot. But I'm not sure whether I should also get OpusFSX, or ActiveSky...or both. Also, on a completely unrelated note.... What do you think about traffic or ATC? Do you have a recommendation or do you prefer the default FSX stuff?
  15. Thanks for the info! Wow...so much to learn. Its actually quite amazing. Perhaps you guys can help me get my mind around a few things. I'm narrowing down my shopping list here and I'm just trying to get straight what some of these things "do" so that I don't accidentally overlap with 2 products that do the same thing. Please bear in mind that I'm not lazy, I read the descriptions of these products but I'm still picking up alot of the lingo. The way these things are 'layered' on top of each other is a bit confusing how one thing works with another. I'd appreciate it much if you guys could just check me here and see if I'm on the right path: GEX & UTX. My understanding is that GEX is pretty much for all that space on the ground between detailed areas. It improves the autogen ground stuff. Trees, roads, etc. etc. UTX works "with" this. I'm not exactly sure on the specifics of what each of these does but the screenshots I've looked at usually say "GEX with UTX" or what not. REX. REX is like "GEX" but for the sky. Weather. Clouds. Etc. If you download read-world weather and setup a flight plan...it cooks up these nice sky, cloud, and weather graphics for your flight and loads it all in. Landclass & Mesh. I've seen this mentioned a few times with names like FSGenesis or SceneryTech. I'm not sure if this does the same thing as one of the products I mentioned above or this does something completely different. Will I need something like this? Or does the default FSX stuff work good? ActiveSky. This was mentioned in this thread and I'm just wondering if this would be used "in addition to" REX and complement it. Or...if this would be used "Instead of" REX and its an either/or proposition. My understanding is that ActiveSky is a much more realistic real-world weather system than what is built into FSX. ORBX. This is scenery. Does this work "with" GEX, UTX, & REX....or....does this work "instead of" GEX, UTX, & REX? My understanding is that this is some of the best stuff, but unfortunately it isn't currently offered for the area I'll be flying in. It might be fun to pick some up for another area though....I'm just not sure if this is an either/or proposition with GEX, UTX, & REX or if this is "instead of" GEX, UTX, & REX. MegasceneryX & Aerosoft Is similar to the ORBX but competing vendors? FlyTampa, FSDT, Aerosoft Detailed individual airports? The aircraft I'm hoping will be fairly straight forward. Its just all this scenery/graphics/layering/landclass/cloud/weather stuff that is a bit confusing. At this point though, I don't know anything about RealityXP payware gauges and such. Thats still a bit over my head. I'll tackle learning that stuff after I get this graphic stuff figured out, purchased, and setup. Just as a note to the above. My flight plans are all mostly "low and slow" GA aircraft. Sometimes VFR and sometimes IFR depending on the virtual "trip" that I'm planning, distance, weather, etc.
  16. Edit.... Thanks VeryBumpy. That thread helps out a alot! Good stuff in there.
  17. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the help. The opinions and info you shared is truly very helpful when you're new! The amount of "stuff" out there for this is absolutely staggering and overwhelming. I certainly agree that what one person thinks is a "Must have" may very likely be a "No thankyou, I'll pass" for someone else. However, when I am recommended certain products by several people and read of lots of people that have and enjoy that product...its a worthwhile bet that it might be good for me too. It helps alot to see the consensus and see what people who have been using this a while recommend. If I just bought a bunch of stuff that "sounded good" but I didn't ask folks about...I'd probably just gum up my system with alot of junk. As silly as it sounds, I'm taking notes and putting together a little shoppin' list. Scenery-wise. There are just way too many things that end in "X"...lol. I see GEX mentioned to me, and on various forums ALOT so I think that definitely gets added to the list. Same thing with Ultimate Terrain. I understand what the Ultimate Terrain does (at least I think I do), but the GEX is a bit confusing to me. How about REX? I see alot of folks saying thats good and I'm not even quite sure what it does. And egads....is there a REX2 as well? I guess maybe REX2 is the newest one and better than REX1? I'm not sure what a 1%'er is but I prefer it to be as real as possible. I guess maybe I'm a flight nerd? I actually enjoy reading the large manuals, going through the checklists. I prefer to start with the aircraft cold & dark and run through everything. Back in FS9 I'd actually use an aftermarket camera package that let me simulate my preflight 'walk around' of the aircraft. If the cowling and doors open...that much the better. I'm one of those folks that has a few hundred hours in various small aircraft...but between money, job, and time constraints never finished my private. So I surely enjoy being able to do some of the things I was never able to do from the comfort of my office So I guess you might say I want my simulator to simulate I've got the DCS series that I enjoy as well and am looking forward to the upcoming CombatPilot series using FSX. With regards to aircraft... I certainly appreciate all the recommendations. I mentioned the Cessna 172 and the Baron because I am familiar with them and have always enjoyed them. I really like Mooney's and Bonanza's as well. I'm open to anything thats good though so if you have recommendations of very well done aircraft that you love, I'd certainly love to hear them. I've never flown any sort of private jets or heavies in a simulator though, so I'm afraid I don't know much about them. I also really enjoy military aircraft...both old and new. I couldn't agree more. I've got TrackIR4 that I picked up for combat sims years ago. I couldn't live without it. Oh that sounds fabulous. Is it alot better than the default "downloaded" weather in FSX? I never mess much with weather themes or user defined weather. I enjoy most being able to have it download the conditions as they truly are, plan using those, and fly in those. I actually get a huge kick out of whenever the in-game conditions near my home are identical to what I see out my office window. If the ActiveSky will do that better without bringing my system to a hideous crawl...that might have to go on the ole shopping list too. The REX I mentioned above...and it seems that alot of people have that. That might need to go on the shopping list too. I don't know much about camera motion so I couldn't comment on that.
  18. Hello. I'm new to FSX (but not new to flight sims in general) and I've recently picked up FSX Gold. I wanted to pick up some expansions and was hoping some of you folks could get me pointed in the right direction. What are some of the most commonly used expansions/scenery/addons that you feel alot of folks might consider almost a "Must have" for FSX? Scenery-wise, my "home base" area that I like to fly is the far west suburbs of Chicago, IL. Usually KARR or KDPA. With regards to aircraft, my interests are pretty simple and not very exotic or interesting. I was hoping for some recommendations on some quality products. I'm just looking for a good FSX Cessna 172 Skyhawk. In addition, maybe a nice Mooney, a Beech Baron 58. Maybe a Beech Bonanza. I was wondering if there were some good sites or references you guys use and trust with regards to reviews and articles on different add-on aircraft and expansions? (aside from just this one of course). How do you guys know which ones are really great and realistic, and which ones aren't so good? Thanks!
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