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  1. I've also picked up ASFS and haven't had a chance to fiddle with it much so don't quite have any sort of informed opinion yet. Combing through all the pages of this thread to see what others think, personally for my own uses and opinions, I find the pictures that compare in-game conditions to real world pictures most valuable. If you're not already familiar with it, some of you might find this website valuable. https://weathercams.faa.gov/ On a separate note, aside from cloud representation. What are your opinions on other elements of the weather, like winds and such? I like to use MSFS to practice crosswind landings at my local airport in a C172. I loaded up MSFS with MSFS weather the other day and it had a stiff gusting crosswind. My pattern required considerable crab to keep my track straight and a nice pattern. Crosswind landing used considerable rudder & aileron. Then I did the same in ASFS and the winds seemed much much tamer...especially on short final. I could still see the wings of the Cessna fluttering on the taxiway with the wind and hear the wind...but it required less crab in the pattern, less wind correction to keep a straight track, and much less rudder and aileron to land. I can't say which one was more "accurate" at this point. It could be that MSFS was too stiff and exaggerated with the winds and ASFS was more accurate. Or it could be that ASFS was too tame with the winds and MSFS had it right. Or it could have been the same and just my imagination, user error, etc. Just curious what others constructive findings and opinions are with regards to surface winds and winds aloft.
  2. Thanks so much for replying Dave. That saves me alot of trouble hunting around trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong or what I need to fiddle with to get it to work. Thank you 🙂
  3. Hello, I'm on my trial membership here and experimenting to see if P2A will meet my needs for the way I use my sim. I've read all the documentation and watched a ton of the tutorials online. I'm currently playing with P2A in the newly updated Just Flight Warrior II. I noticed that P2A doesn't seem to play well with the Warrior II radio stack and was wondering if this is typical for all aircraft? Or this is just an issue/bug unique with the Just Flight Warrior II. I'll describe the issue: The radio stack in the Warrior II, like many GA aircraft, has a radio stack with a mic select switch and several radio select switches. With the radio select switches in the middle AUTO position, the mic switch position (COM1/COM2) will set which radio is transmitting and receiving. The user can also flip the select switch to either "Phone" or "Speaker" to specifically receive on that radio. For example, you can have TWR tuned on COM1 and your mic switch on COM1, and have ATIS on COM2 and you'll only hear COM1. Flip the select switch for COM2 to either "phone" or "speaker" and you'll now hear COM2 so that you are hearing both COM1 & COM2 and transmitting only on COM1. You can mix and match what you receive this way. Each radio also has a dedicated volume knob. In P2A, when I turn any volume knob in the warrior up or down it does nothing to the P2A ATC or ATIS volume. If I mix and match the aformentioned radio select switches they don't seem to affect what I am receiving in P2A...only the general mic select switch in the Warrior II seems to work. So it doesn't seem that I can set the mic select switch to COM1 while I have the select switches so I can receive mulitple radios. I realize that I can set these manually from the P2A interface and I'm also aware of the volume controls for the radios in P2A. However, I'm a VR user and, after setting up my flight in P2A, I don't look at it again. I wish to use the aircraft controls to control the radios, not the P2A interface. After reading the doc, it sounds like this is the way it should work. So I'm not sure if maybe it just happens to not be working with the Warrior II, or maybe it only works with stock MSFS aircraft and not add on aircraft, or maybe its a mixed bag and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, or maybe there is something I'm supposed to be setting up or doing in some *.ini file or something that I need to do. Or maybe this used to work just fine but I know the Warrior II was JUST updated a couple days ago and maybe that changed something that used to work. Unfortunately, I only just now started flying the warrior and using P2A so I'm not sure if the radios ever worked with P2A or not. I'm sure most would tell me just to use the P2A controls but that isn't the way I intend to use P2A. Right now, I'm using it largely in VFR for practicing ATC comms in a VFR aircraft and learning to multi-task so I need to use the aircraft radio controls and the stuff in the cockpit instead of outside interfaces. Thanks so much in advance for the help and advice 🙂 Please forgive me if its a silly question. P2A has a large learning curve and I'm working my way through it.
  4. Thanks again! Thats terrific. I'm actually already a Sky4Sim user. I've just only started looking into some better ATC so I completely forgot that Sky4Sim has a Pilot2ATC interface. When I wasn't using P2A I just had no reason to look at that tab and forgot it was even there. Thats great news. I've got P2A installed now and am slowly working my way through learning it. I just need to figure out how to get that ATC-chatter installed everyone is talking about and finish reading the manual. This should be a great help to me. Thanks!
  5. Just thought of another question I should ask. While I understand this isn't the VR subforum, I don't want to start a new thread just to ask. Do any of you using Pilot2ATC also use VR? How does Pilot2ATC work out for you in VR?
  6. Thanks to everyone for all the advice and recommendations. Looks like I'm going to give Pilot2ATC a shot, especially given the 10 day trial period. Wow. Thats SOME manual to read. When the developer specifically warns users of the significant learning curve, thats saying something 😉
  7. I was hoping some of you might offer some ATC Add On Recommendations? I'm looking for Offline ATC. Something that handles realistic General Aviation, VFR ATC so that I can practice and become more experienced with real world communications in an offline setting. Something that also handles realistic IFR very well for the same reason. So far, I only do VFR flight, but down the road I'll be wanting to practice IFR as well. I've watched alot of YouTube videos demonstrating various flights but most of what I've found is very long (36 minutes to an hour or more) and I can't watch hours of other people flying for EACH product and giving their opinions. Secondly, so many of those apparently don't have any real world VFR experience so they were understandably expecting things and asking for things that just weren't something that happens with small GA airplanes in small controlled or uncontrolled fields. I don't mind if the voice is robotic. The ability to use your voice instead of just menu commands would be "nice" but not necessary for me. In Summary, I'm just looking for a better ATC solution for realistic offline general aviation VFR flight (and eventually IFR flight as well). Thanks!
  8. I've been benchmarking lately as I keep a catalog of the different options effects on my system. My benchmark is a clean boot, static run, at a static altitude (around 2000'), for a 300 second flight from EGLC towards EGLL. I do this in VR with the headset on my desk and unmoved (I still posted this here in the general area because I'm wondering if it would effect others, despite VR). I reduce the variables as much as possible and have had great success with repeatable results. MSFS is stock, no addons. Live Weather, traffic, and Multiplayer is off. Run is set to the "Clear" Weather preset to remove the effects of clouds. Run is same date, same time of day. With a given set of options, I almost always get an average of 58 FPS. If I see some other number that is outside of 1% or so, I know "something" is going on with my system and if I step out of MSFS and compare against a 3DMark bench and then compare against a similar static bench and data I have versus test run in DCS. If the DCS numbers and 3DMark numbers are fine, then its pretty safe that its an MSFS thing. If the DCS numbers and 3DMark numbers are off too then its my system. So, starting Thursday morning (March 2) my MSFS 2020 FPS in this run is suddenly 42-45 instead of 58ish. I figure its just one of those runs that something else is going on so I jump out, reboot, and try again. Same thing. I compare against 3DMark and DCS numbers and my machine is producing the exact results I'd expect there. Its only MSFS that is suddenly low. So I figure maybe its a Steam thing or a MSFS thing and I shut it down, and try back that night. Same thing. I tried again this morning (March 3) - Same thing. I deleted and recreated my rolling cache. I also deleted my Nvidia DXCache and GLCache. I don't see any updates for MSFS happening or anything. Any idea, outside of my system software, I might be seeing the average FPS to drop in MSFS? Any idea anything else I could check that would effect MSFS but not other non-MSFS benchmarks or other sims? Could this have anything to do with traffic on MSFS servers given the AN225 stuff lately or the recent updates pushed out? I'll shut it down and I'll give it a shot again late tonight and see if it clears up. It might just be one of those "MSFS things" and I hope it corrects itself.
  9. Wow! Your PG look really good. Its seems on your machine that LA has managed to avoid World War 3.
  10. Interesting reading through the experiences, advice, and observations of everyone in the thread. Based on the posts here I'm going to try a few things tomorrow: 1) Crank my LOD setting up to 200+ and see if it makes a noticeable difference. Right now mine is set at 150. 2) Try creating a manual cache for the cities I've been experimenting with and repeat the exact same flight. 3) Try flying over KFAR and see if what I'm seeing is similar to the pictures you guys posted.
  11. New York City doesn't look any better than London for me at least 😕
  12. System Specs are: 5800X3D with cores optimized via PBO2 curve, AIO water cooled with NZXT Z73, temps almost never hit 80. MSI RTX 4090 Suprim X 24G (The air cooled one, not the liquid). Temps stay in the 70's. MSFS & Windows 10 running of PCI Gen 4 M.2 SSD. 64 Gigs of 3600 RAM. Prior to a month ago I was running a 5950X and RTX 3090 but the photogrammetry issue seems pretty much unchanged. Unless even with the 5800X3D, the photogrammetry is just so absolutely CPU intensive that it can't keep up. Unfortunately, on my AM4 board the 5800X3D is the best I can do. I'm not at the point of swapping to the AM5 platform or intel to take advantage of the new faster generations of CPU.
  13. Thanks to everyone for the replies. That really helps alot and you guys saved me a TON of troubleshooting and headscratching. Same exact thing here. I have blazing fast internet service here. Similar to RJC68. True Fiber Optic (Entire neighborhood is Fiber Optic, including the lines to the home, and fiber modem), faster than 1Gbps up and down. I have the exact same results as you. That fast internet doesn't seem to help one bit. Zero difference. I have no idea where my server is located though and so I haven't attempted to change that. In all honesty, I didn't know where to see that information or that I could change it. Or maybe I'd seen it poking through the options and just didn't notice it. I live in the midwest USA so whatever server that would hook me to is what I was probably using. Unfortunately, for me, I never fly airliners (at least not yet) and only GA. So I'm starting to think you must be right and maybe I'm chasing my tail and there isn't much I can do...maybe its just their servers. Whatever the case, that blows 😉 I'm going to try a manual cache next and see if that makes any difference. For the record, the flights I'm seeing this are all 1500-3000 feet. I'm flying GA aircraft 1500-3000 feet over the city to explore. For example, I was running through the "FS Academy - Navigator" AddOn. One of those lessons takes you around 1500 feet give-or-take down the Hudson River over New York City and its like flying through something out of the world of "Mad Max".
  14. Flying at low altitude in GA aircraft over any photogrammetry city (ex. London, or New York) the buildings look awful. It looks like the cities got nuked and are now a wasteland of wrecked, melted, or destroyed buildings. It truly does look like wreckage. Sometimes, as I fly, when you get really close or are passing them SOME (not all) of them "crisp up" and suddenly appear correct. The vast majority remain awful. I googled this and I see alot of people in various forums talking about "Melted Buildings" for years now. However, I wasn't able to find any good solutions. Some posts blamed certain updates. Others just recommended turning off photogrammetry. Some say it works fine for them. Some say it works sometimes. At this point most of the information I've found isn't really current anymore. I've had this problem for a long time now and just assumed that my PC just wasn't fast enough (5950X, 3090, all SSD's). However, I recently swapped the CPU to a 5800X3D to see if that 3D cache might handle the demand a bit better and upgraded my GPU to a 4090. I was hoping that would fix it. Nope. Still a nuclear wasteland. This occurs for me in VR but I posted here in the general forum as this seems like its something common to VR or non VR. I've tried deleting and recreating my Rolling Cache. I've never run many addons, but the few I do I've removed so MSFS is in completely "stock" state and no luck there either. My FPS is in the 50's and I have my game options set pretty modest. My Terrain Level of Detail is set at 150. I've tried it at 100 and that didn't help either. Outside of turning Photogrammetry off, has anyone found any possible solutions for this? I haven't tried creating a manual cache yet so maybe that might fix it? Is there a particular option or options that control how and when these photogrammetry buildings draw? Thanks!
  15. Built a new system about a year and a half ago (May 2021) for flight sims (Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 & DCS) & other gaming. For flight sims I use only VR. For non-flight sim games I use a monitor. AMD 5950X ASUS Crosshair VIII Dark Hero GeForce RTX 3090 Over the past year and a half the system has worked great at regular gaming (Like Cyberpunk 2077). However, for DCS in VR I am GPU limited and it struggles. Common problem. DCS is always a battle for more GPU and turning up graphics options 😉 I'm considering an upgrade to a 4090 for this. For MSFS 2020 I am CPU limited. I've spent the past couple months trying everything I could to get every last drop of performance out of that 5950X. Its better than it was, but I started reading here and on other forms about some decent performance gains in flight sims and gaming for the 5800x3d. I've been following that other thread in this forum about the 5800x3d performance. I don't do much productivity work with my machine - mostly flight sims and the occasional other game as well. Anyone here run MSFS 2020 and DCS and made a similar CPU switch? Were you happy with the result in DCS & MSFS 2020? Can I just swap out the 5950X for a 5800X3D without re-installing my OS? Or would swapping a CPU require a complete OS reinstall to get best performance or avoid problems? I've never actually JUST swapped a CPU before. In the past, I've stuck with one CPU until it was time to upgrade the entire machine and then built a new machine. Never just the CPU. Any advice or personal experience would be appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Just got back into FSX after a year or so. I didn't have to reinstall or anything as my install, terrain, addons, aircraft...all were just the way I left them. I never uninstalled as I knew that when I had more time again I'd be back. Right now, I'm in that painful process of scratching my head and trying to remember what I had installed, and what the addons do....and updating those that need updating. Its amazing how you take for granted the things you've installed over time and how easy it is to forget how you used all of those things in synergy. I used FS Global for Mesh. I used to use Megscenery Earth v2 (and some BlueSkyScenery) for some areas where I was flying above 3000-5000 feet or so. Other times I'd turn that scenery off, depending on the altitudes I was flying and what I was doing, and use the autogen when I was flying low and wanted to see 3D objects. I've got all sorts of UTX stuff installed, and all sorts of GEX stuff. If I remember correctly, UTX controlled where the roads, rivers, and lakes were and made sure they were accurate (I think it did something with night lights or some such as well)...and GEX was replacement autogen scenery that was better than the default. Does that sound correct to you? Or am I off base here? I also had ORBX PNW and would use that when I wanted to do some low/slow flying in the Pacific Northwest. As I read through these posts on the forum here, I read alot about this "FTX Global" and almost never see mention of UTX or GEX. Did most people dump UTX/GEX and pick up FTX Global instead? In newbie-terms...what exactly is FTX Global? (Please forgive me as having just returned, I'm getting my mind back around all the terms and concepts again). I see mention of this "Vector" as well...where does that fit in? Does it all play well with FS Global Mesh? Also, as a side note, how is FSX holding out these days? Its been a couple years and I know some folks have picked up P3D instead. Is FSX still going pretty strong? It looks like the forum has been pretty active. I just didn't want to invest in more "stuff" for FSX if a ton of people were moving to P3D these days. Lastly, how is DX10 faring? When I was last flying..some followed certain guides that were available and went to DX10. It seemed like most stuck with DX9. Is that still true? Do you think the most common use is still DX9 or is it DX10 now? Thanks
  17. Thats an absolutely terrific idea! Thanks for posting that link! I realize that it may ruin the immersion of some to have to pause it to set this up, but it doesn't bother me in the least. I'd never even though to try it. I usually end up having to pause it to take care of bodily functions or get coffee anyway so it doesn't bother me at all. I'll give this a try. Good idea. MSEv2 includes so much extra "Stuff" with it like sectionals and plates, they also don't seem to hesitate to post here to help a customer or answer an e-mail. Maybe they wouldn't mind including a "map" with all the "extra stuff" that is similar to what BlueSkyScenery does..and indicate which files are for which areas. Maybe it wouldn't be that big a deal to create and we should all throw them a quick e-mail?
  18. Thanks It is indeed MSEv2 (as well as some Blue Sky Scenery) so sounds like I can just leave the Autogen on and be done with it. I was just worried I was wasting FPS because, without understanding the way it worked, I was afraid it was still creating the autogen but it was just hidden under the photoscenery. Thanks kindly for the advice and explanations.
  19. Just a question regarding FSX Autogen and MegaSceneryEarth. I run UTX/GEX in many places, but for some places I have MegaSceneryEarth that I use. I'm fairly knew to Photoscenery so I hope I'm doing this correctly. I didn't turn anything 'off' or change anything in FSX to use the Photoscenery...I just installed it. So if I'm flying in an area that has the MSE and then leave that area....I see the UTX/GEX autogen. I never see Autogen in the areas that have MSE and I'm guessing that is because the MSE somehow disables it for the area I'm flying in. I've read in several places that if you're using MegaSceneryEarth you can turn off your Autogen to save on FPS because its not needed. My question is...doesn't MSE somehow do this already? I never see Autogen in the places I fly with MSE so does that mean that MSE automatically turned it off already? Or can I get additional FPS savings by going into the FSX Settings and manually de-activating Autogen as well? Is FSX still spending the processing power to generate the autogen and I just can't see it because its "covered" by the MSE and thus the processing power is being wasted? Or am I better off leaving the Autogen ON so that when I fly outside of my MSE area...I have nice UTX/GEX Autogen? Thanks!
  20. A standard 60Hz Refresh Rate monitor with VSync set to "1/2 Refresh Rate" in Nvidia Inspector and FPS Locked to 30 in FSX are pretty typical settings. What happens if you have 2 monitors with dissimilar refresh rates though? I run FSX Full Screen. I only ALT-ENT and run it in a window if I need to look something up on the net, looks at SkyVector, etc. Then I go back to Full Screen. My primary monitor is a 120Hz 1920x1080. I run a secondary monitor that I don't use to display the actual cockpit or terrain...only instrument windows such as maybe the kneeboard, or maybe move the radio stack over there...thats about it. The secondary monitor is 60Hz 1920x1200. I've been using the same settings as many other people: VSynch set to "1/2 Refresh Rate" in Nvidia Inspector and FPS Locked to 30 in FSX. Is this incorrect? Should i be setting my FPS to be locked at 60 instead of 30 in FSX because 60 is half of 120? I tried setting VSynch in Nvidia Inspector to "1/4 Refresh Rate" once and it just didn't work correctly. My main monitor kept blinking on and off every few seconds. It definitely wasn't right. I assumed that it was because I was "stuck" at the lowest refresh rate of the two monitors. The whole concept of locking FPS at a given number, manually setting a refresh rate in Nvidia Inspector, etc...all of that is a bit of a foreign concept to me and I don't pretend to understand it all. Thanks!
  21. Depends on your setup. If you're using the standard Windows 7 backup to create an image of your system drive, and if you've got a ton of FSX stuff installed on that same drive...it can end up being a really big image that takes a long time. For example, my own setup my dedicated FSX drive is at around 300 Gig right now. By keeping that on a separate drive I can create a system image of JUST my C drive (Without the huge amount of FSX stuff) which is much smaller and more manageable. Then, for my FSX drive, I don't create an image..I can pick and choose which folders I want to back up and just back those up. So, for example, I back up my FSX folder but don't back up my Megascenery folder or BlueSkyScenery. If something happens and I need that stuff back...I've got it on DVD. So thats why I said its a "bit" easier. If you've got a small FSX installation and you don't mind it being all lumped in with your system image then its certainly easier to just image the whole thing. But if you're like me and you're FSX installation tends to grow and expand alot....keeping it all completely separate has been alot easier for me.
  22. DX9 is running pretty good and stable but I'm at the point now where I think I'd like to try out DX10. I've been doing my homework and reading the stickied posts along with the DX10 section of the AVSIM FSX Guide. Before I go any further though I just have a few questions I was hoping someone might be able to fill me in on... Will doing all the "stuff" for DX10 listed in the AVSIM guide and stickied here on AVSIM permanently change my FSX installation? If I save off my current FSX.cfg Will I be able to go back and forth to my current DX9 and DX10 at will? Or does DX10 and all of the fixes described in the stickied posts and AVSIM guide permanently alter or change stuff? Provided my sytem will run the DX10 stable...is there a downside to DX10 over DX9? I imagine one downside folks might list is incompatibility. If so, how does it stack up with compatibility versus the different 'categories' of Add Ons? What I mean is...how compatible is it with UTX & GEX, or ORBX, or MegaScenery/BlueSky Photoscenery? Or is it just certain airports? Or is it just certain aircraft? How about Weather programs like REX/Active Sky 2012/Opus FSX? Or Texture programs like those available in REX or Active Sky? With regards to the AVSIM guides and stickied posts, I see they've been updated just a few days ago so they must be at least fairly current. Are there any other fairly common fixes or tweaks that folks are often using for DX10 FSX that are not listed or mentioned in the guide or stickies? Thanks!
  23. I believe Windows 7 Home Basic only supports up to 8 GB of memory, Home Premium 16 GB of memory, and Windows 7 Professional and above 192 GB. If you're planning on running alot or RAM, or adding alot more RAM in the future, you might want to look into Windows 7 Professional. Also, with regards to separate drives. Certainly not mandatory by any stretch of the imagination but if you can afford it I always think separate drives is better. Performance considerations aside, FSX and all your assorted "FSX Stuff" likes alot of room to play. Its nice to be able to give it its own playground. It also makes backups a bit easier. If you want to image your system drive but its loaded with FSX stuff...it makes for huge images. Much easier (for me at least...opinions vary) to have a nice slim system drive and all my FSX stuff on its own drive.
  24. Would like to visit your website but I get a security warning from my company's security...
  25. I'm running MSEv2 and there are a few airports that look "duplicated", with the duplicate skewed from its twin by about a quarter mile. I'm still new to this, but I think what I'm seeing is default FSX or custom FSX airports "showing through" the photoscenery. I'm guessing its either because I have UTX installed or its because one of my AddOns installed some addon airports in my "Add On Scenery" folder which I have at the top of my scenery library. So how do I fix this? How do you know which of the "twins" is the correct airport? The AddOn airports I mentioned above also have custom buildings and stuff so I don't know if I can like "scoot" the entire airport somehow so that it sits over or under the photoscenery one? Or even better, is there some way to "hide" the photoscenery one?
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