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  1. Greetings, I've been using the PMDG DC-6 for a few days now. I have not gotten a chance to dive too deep yet. The first few flights I did the engines performed normally with no issues, but on the last couple legs, from engine start to shut down, there has been a constant white smoke coming off of the engines. I checked the engine health and they were all green. I was just curious if this is normal or maybe I'm doing something wrong? The AFE was also used for all these flights. Thanks, Matt Dickinson
  2. I've been able to isolate my problem to FSUPIC4.dll. When it is removed from my modules folder FSX seems to run fine. When it is replaced it returns to "crashing".
  3. I picked up the Razbam Metroliner last night and had some fun with it. Everything was working perfectly. But now today when I tried loading it up, as soon as fsx loaded to 100% and I could see the world/cockpit rendered for about one second flat and then the sim would just close out. In a way that It appeared the process was killed on the task manager. No notifications of "FSX has stopped working" like I would get if something had crashed. Nothing has really changed to my FSX besides installing that new aircraft. And I recently got FSUIPC.
  4. I agree 100% with this. Matt Dickinson
  5. I'm installing on my PS3 right meow Matt
  6. I was just able to purchase with 0 problems or delays Matt Dickinson
  7. I'm looking to get a panel that allows me control things easier. Mainly looking for something that will allow me to dial in a heading set AP etc. (MCP I guess you could say) It needs to work with the following aircraft as I fly these the most often. ES Citation X V2.0 The PMDG jets. Will also take any suggestions on general good hardware that makes basic flight operations easier. Thanks, Matt
  8. I hear ya, already got those funds allocated :-) Appreciate the feedback though.
  9. I received a bit of money and now i'm in the market for a new product. The two i'm looking at are the following: PMDG MD-11 CoolSky DC-9 I'm really trying to weigh out which one I will enjoy more. I'm really used to FMC navigation and the old style of the DC-9 kind of intimidates me. Any feedback or recommendations are greatly appreciated. Matt D.
  10. The 737 NGX is a great aircraft, But I can't use it for all of the flights i'd like to do. I'm looking to do some more long hauls, crossing the pond etc. Something to broaden my flight sim experience.
  11. If anyone knows of any other great products post them . I'm leaning more towards the MD-11. The Concorde does seem very interesting. But if you guys feel it's that a big time investment I will most likely be on the same boat.
  12. was also considering the level-D 767, any thought?
  13. Well while i'm waiting for the PMDG 777, I'm looking to purchase something else to hold me over for the time being. The two products I was looking at are. PMDG MD-11 or Captain Sim 777 Was just curious to hear opinions, Pros and Cons etc. Thanks ^_~
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