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  1. I recently noticed that there is a yellow box with 'TERR ERR' next to the altitude tape and a female voice says that 'Terrain system test Ok and TAS system test Ok'. How do I eliminate the terrain error and what should my ECS knob be set to, 1 or 2? Thanks.
  2. I was flying a G1000 flight lesson with multiple VOR's but the only VOR listed on the waypoint page is the first VOR and nothing more. The FPL on the PFD has the waypoiny list. The lesson wants you to go the MFD and scroll down and choose the next VOR frequency but it is not listed. The first part of the flight is GPS then it asks to switch to NAV mode upon selecting the frequency of the VOR but its not listed. It's the G1000 flight lesson from the book MS Flight Training for real pilots. I follow this lesson to a T but my display is different. What am I ding wrong? Thx.
  3. I just figured it out and I have to use the MFD instead of the PFD. But why does the pilot have to reach over to the MFD to change waypoints? I followed this flight example before using the PFD in a Carenado G1000 and it worked. I'll use the MFD and now I'm just curious. Thanks. Scott.
  4. I forgot to say. Its FSX and I was following a G1000 example in the book MSFS for pilots, Real World Training. It asks you to go to push flp and scroll down to skip the first leg and highlight the second leg. Press menu then enter to activate. The CDI should rotate to the new heading but it doesn't. I am manually loading the flight using fsx flight planner. I hope this makes sense. It works with.the FSX default G1000 Cessna. Thanks.
  5. CT182 Skylane G1000. After the latest Windows update I've noticed that I can't access the flight plan menu to activate a certain leg. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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