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  1. Brad Walsh

    Lost my GNS 750 Touch

    Hi; I had problems with GTN getting it to work on my P3dv3.4 after a re-install. My problem was resolved by running the simmconnect exe's from within P3d. Hope that helps Brad
  2. I own both xp11 and p3d v3.4 GTN 750 licenses. (installed on the same machine) I have X-plane 11.20 with GTN installed. Runs perfectly. Garmin trainer included. I have P3D v3.4. I have unsuccessfully tried to install GTN. I have had it installed and running in the past. Due to issues I have had to reinstall P3D. GTN installation runs through the different steps to finish. However it does not download the Garmin trainer software. It tells me it has installed itself, yet it does not show up in the addon menu in the game. Anyone??
  3. Hi; I have a rx 480 card. I had the very same display problems you have with your NVidia. I rolled back the latest radeon driver to an older one and the problem went away. You might want to try the same route and roll back your NVidia driver to an older one. It might be worth a try. Brad
  4. Brad Walsh

    installation problems (realityxp gtn 750)

    Note: I discovered that the latest Radeon driver 17.4.3 was the culprit in that it caused the Garmin Trainer app to show up as a black screen only. I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled an earlier version 16 series. Everything now work as advertised. BTW: Xp reality Gtn 750. Worth every penny and more! Best add on to xplane by a long shot. Brad
  5. Brad Walsh

    installation problems (realityxp gtn 750)

    J-L (tech support) no need to get back to me on these install issues. All is solved and working. I read further into this invaluable forum. Ended up downloading a fresh 2.4 via the Flight1 commerce site. Installed it with no problems, no invalid license warning. All is good so far. Brad
  6. flight1 order: 1310469 Apr 20, 2017RealityXP - RealityXP Garmin GTN 750 (XPlane) New I5 (7th gen) + asus mobo + rx-480 + win10 pro + xp11 rc1 1) Install problems started when stopped initial installation because I thought my computer had locked up. (Nothing was happening) I realize now that the Garmin trainer takes a long time to install> 2) retried umpteen times to install and uninstall. After each install plugin drop down shows menu items ,but I get a blank 750 screen. I figured out that the garmin trainer did not initialize or start up. It never installed properly and would not run on its own. 3) Did clean install of win10 after formatting primary drive. 4) installed garmin trainer. Trainer works great. 5) installed xp 11 rc1. 6) Installed Reality xp Gtn 750. Started up xplane and gtn 750 screen and map came up and showed me at the airport I was at. I assumed that I was out of the woods. 7) After running xp for 1/2 and hour or so, Gtn 750 screen displayed a warning that my license was invalid. And then stopped working leaving me with a blank gtn 750 screen. 8) I unistalled gtn and reinstalled. This time I got the "fluery Trojan virus warning". I ran Defender and eliminated the virus (which turns out to be a gtn dll file and not a virus which I later found info on in the Avsim forums) So what do I need to do in order to get this expensive bit of kit running properly? Brad