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  1. Glad I am not alone... :P RXP, I am still having the Problem. When I get the Black screen I tried to see if the Garmin trainer stand alone would still work as Asandor suggested. Mine worked. Rebooting my computer does seems to get it to work again.... for a short while. The not fired up started when I upgraded to a GTX1080 from 2 GTX 660ti. I have tried to put xplane 11, Realityxp and all associated files to be ignored in my virus program. Tried deleting and reinstalling a fresh copy for the Trainer program from the Garmin website. Not has helped definitively. Paul
  2. Glad I am not alone... :P
  3. ptyler687

    750 will not always start

    Tryed the V2.4.6 didn't help my setup. The only thing that seems to help is to go into the realityxp folder and click on the setup file. This get it to work..but might not work the next time you want to fly.
  4. Updated to V 2.4.6 However, the Realityxp GTN 750 Still works intermittently. Works, then later it doesn't. I am constantly having to Reinstall the GTN 750, rebooting my Computer. only to have it not working the next time I want to fly. (useally the next day) this problem started when I installed a GTX 1080 Video card. Previously I had 2 GTN660 TI OC that were SLI. Never failed to boot up. Maybe some how loosing it connection to XPlane11 when my system goes into sleep mode?. Maybe there is a Setting in my Video card that need to be turned on/off.? Java not update? Still Frustrated. Paul
  5. thanks RXP!!! I updated to V 2.4.6. we shall see how it works... ;)
  6. Update: rebooted computer and fired up xplane 11. It worked again..... Doesnt make a whole lot of sense!!!
  7. This is starting to get irritating.... somedays it works..... then the next wont boot up. I can see when I hit the Avionic master the color on the screen change. useally to a dark black. I wish I had the smoking gun to why it intermittent at best and how to fix it... Tried reloading driver.... (sometimes this worked) made sure Video card driver is up to date. The only things I havent tried this time is reboot my computer... Frustrated... any idea? Paul
  8. I just had a issue that any one following this thread can be aware of. I downloaded the new set of drivers for my GTX 1080 video card. When I fired up X-Plane the GTN 750 wouldn't work again. I reinstalled the the GTN 750 and it works again.
  9. Skyrail, I'm no longer having issues and have been working properly ever since I finished the registration issues..... that seemed to be the issue.
  10. after going a week Since upgrading to a GTX 1080 and the RxP 750 hadnt worked. The RXP 750 just started to work occasionally. last couple of start up it booted up just fine. Do I have a did I change anything....Not really. So not sure what the issue is (or was). The only thought, was in that time I was able to finish the registration of the GTX 1080.
  11. I just installed A GTX 1080 Video card replacing 2 GTX 660Ti. After video card install and loading up Xp 11, The RXP GTN 750 isn't working. RXP 750 was working great before the video card upgrade. any ideas? thanks in advance Paul
  12. ptyler687

    CDI/NAV 1 toggle

    sounds Good RXP!!! :)
  13. ptyler687

    CDI/NAV 1 toggle

    thanks RXP!!!
  14. ptyler687

    CDI/NAV 1 toggle

    I have the GNS 750 as a separate window. and have to use the mouse to control. My goal is to create the most Realistic environment as Possible. So, I like to assign a buttons/switches or sliders on my input devices if possible to eliminate mouse inputs. In a real world Planes don't use mouses. ;) I was able to toggle the CDI/GPS button with the stock 172 530W. Was looking for a way to control GTN 750 Too. Paul
  15. Anyone figure out What Command can be used to configure a joystick button to Toggle the CDI/GPS button on the reality xp GTN 750 running in X-Plane 11. Reality Xp is running as a pop up window not as a installed Radio, Controling Nav 1 radio.. thanks in advance