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  1. Piper5299X

    VNAV Utility

    Thank you. I had installed the update, but hadn't enabled as shown above in the supplement (AFMS)
  2. Piper5299X

    VNAV Utility

    Any news on this update? I'm really missing the descent calculator, among the other features, that too are missing.
  3. Piper5299X

    GTN 750 in VR

    I'll be back on the sim this weekend, and see if I can find the link. If you search YouTube for JonFly C172 GTN 750, he has a great video, and link.
  4. Piper5299X

    GTN 750 in VR

    I'd love to hear more about this "hack".
  5. I did a search here for the above topic, and surprisingly, I found nothing. I have the GTN 750 in the dash, (not a popout window) of the default C172 XP-11 ver26.0, (no, I won't upgrade to 30.0. I am getting 90+ frames currently) all seems great, except the 750 does not recognize any clicks from the mouse or touch controllers. Is this still not possible? Is there an update available that can fix this?
  6. OK, I'll hit ya up again in a month or so. Thank you for the reply, Tommy
  7. Just checking to see if there has been any update to the TCAD issue while on PE. Haven't heard anything from you. Tommy
  8. Piper5299X

    Flight1 GTN P3D v4 Compatibility

    Excellent! Thanks man!
  9. Piper5299X

    Flight1 GTN P3D v4 Compatibility

    Watching for P3Dv4 upgrade.
  10. Will do. And I understand it may be awhile.
  11. Yes, I am using v2.4.6
  12. I haven't been able to fly on PE for awhile, but I was able to over this last weekend, and noticed that the TCAD on the GTN 750 is not working properly after all while on PE. It shows ghost targets, and does not pick up drone traffic.
  13. The problem is with the AMD drivers, no issues with the RXP GTN or Garmin trainer. Thank you for all the help guys. Much appreciate. Tommy
  14. I am thinking this is a DirectX 12 issue. But not sure how to confirm, or discredit.
  15. Did complete X-Plane 11 and RXP GTN 750 install, same issues. Black screen as if GTN is not turning on. Windows 10 is up to date, all drivers show as current and up to date. Suggestions?