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  1. After a complete wipe of the GTN 750 from X-Plane. and Windows, including the Trainer, I did a complete reinstall, and now everything is working except the TCAD on Pilotedge. AI Traffic has been removed from X-Plane, Use Ryan TCAD is enabled, and un-checked Use Simulator Traffic Count. Any other suggestions? Perhaps I'm missing something on the Pilotedge Plugin?? I can see the traffic flying around, but the GTN is not picking any traffic up. X-Plane 11 Ver. 11.0.50.?? (Whatever the latest is as of 9-20-20)
  2. My GTN has been working fine, but I wanted to see traffic on Pilotedge. After removing all AI traffic in X-Plane 11, and turning off the "Use simulator traffic count", the GTN is not loading, and has caused X-Plane to load slow, and not shut down properly. If I try to reset or reload the GTN, X-Plane freezes, and I have to force close it. The screen is black, and the word Booting is in the lower left corner of the screen. I am unable to attach the Log.txt, and a screenshot of the GTN.
  3. This should be pinned to the top!! This is what everyone is looking for! I don't know why everyone has to make it sound so difficult! Thanks Lynchie!
  4. There are two reasons I did not want to purchase Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Reason #1) "Microsoft" Reason #2) This exact topic!! With that being said... Well, here I am, a new owner of MSFS 2020. Patiently waiting for VR.
  5. Installed the old trainer Ver. 6.21.1 off of the Garmin website. The GTN 750 worked one time. Fired up sim last night, same black screen issue. Just tried again, still black screen issue. Thoughts? Just a quick update... I reinstalled the 6.21.1 trainer again, and back in business. Is there any way to keep it from changing the trainer file??
  6. Is there an ETA on the next update? Just noticed the same black screen issue. Worked fine yesterday, no longer have the older version.
  7. Thank you for checking, but it is the Archer that the issue is with. The Warrior, and Arrow are working fine.
  8. It reverts back immediately. When you enter in the GTN 750, the aircraft transponder overrides it, and it reverts back to whatever the aircraft transponder is set to. I hope that makes sense.
  9. Having the same issue. The transponder reverts back to 1200 after entering any code. Makes it impossible to fly on PE other than VFR. Any resolution to this yet?
  10. I was looking to see if when tuned to a COM frequency, I would be able to hear the COM audio through the headset. (Default communications device)
  11. Is it possible to send the audio of the GTN 750 to different audio devices? Example... The comm audio to "Windows Default Communication Device". This is for X-Plane 11, VER 11.32R2
  12. Thank you for your reply. I had missed this update. I'm not sure how, but I see that this update is from a year ago???
  13. It looks like this thread kinda died... Jean-Luc, where do we stand for panel integrated GTN usage?
  14. Thank you. I had installed the update, but hadn't enabled as shown above in the supplement (AFMS)
  15. Any news on this update? I'm really missing the descent calculator, among the other features, that too are missing.
  16. I'll be back on the sim this weekend, and see if I can find the link. If you search YouTube for JonFly C172 GTN 750, he has a great video, and link.
  17. I did a search here for the above topic, and surprisingly, I found nothing. I have the GTN 750 in the dash, (not a popout window) of the default C172 XP-11 ver26.0, (no, I won't upgrade to 30.0. I am getting 90+ frames currently) all seems great, except the 750 does not recognize any clicks from the mouse or touch controllers. Is this still not possible? Is there an update available that can fix this?
  18. OK, I'll hit ya up again in a month or so. Thank you for the reply, Tommy
  19. Just checking to see if there has been any update to the TCAD issue while on PE. Haven't heard anything from you. Tommy
  20. Will do. And I understand it may be awhile.
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