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  1. CPC900

    Huge GoFlight Sale

    Here is my 2 cents worth ;) I love all my goflight modules: GF-MCP, GF-P8 (2), GF-T8, GF MCP-PRo, GF-46, GF-166 and GF-RP48. They all work perfect and have never had an issue over the 10 years or so that I have owned them. The one thing I don't like is their website and lack of a good forum. But the hardware is top notch. I don't own the GF-TQ6 though, so I can't comment there. The only module I would want right now is the one they DON'T have showing. The GF-LGTII is not there :( Bruce
  2. Yeah, I think they could do well in the FS market, for the prices they are showing. Just a little more customization for FS, would be neat. You could almost put 4 of their units together and have a complete overhead panel, for a reasonable price 😉 Bruce
  3. I can almost say the same, verbatim. Only, I never had to send mine back yet 🙂 I have 7 modules and they are all excellent quality and perform great! I am VERY interested in what Scott has to say though, about the "Ignition" item. Bruce
  4. CPC900

    Go Flight questions for 777

    Claude, thanks for that. I have not delved into my goflight interface tool for my pmdg stuff yet, but I probably will now! Bruce
  5. CPC900

    Cereproc Autumn Sale

    Picked up the Heather and Nathan voices. They both work great with Pilot2ATC!! I may pick up another 😉 Bruce
  6. CPC900

    Cereproc Autumn Sale

    I picked one up today and will test out later tonight and let you know how it sounds. 🙂 Bruce
  7. CPC900

    Pilot2ATC on Networked Machine

    Ok, everything is working great with the Pilot2ATC program over the network now; I couldn't be happier :) And Dave, I was just trying to be humorous with the "that would imply I read it" part. You hadn't commented back, so I wanted to make sure I hadn't offended you. I had read it before. I just needed to read it a second time to make sense of everything again; it is a fairly deep program....which is great!! Multiplicity has taken care of all the issues with running over the network for me. It truly is perfect to work with Pilot2ATC over the network, with the ability to see everything of Pilot2ATC's map, freq, fpl etc., on a second computers monitor. I feel a bit dumb that I had not noticed that in the manual the first time I read it, months and months ago :) I have still NOT really trained my voice yet, but I will. Although the SayIt feature works really, really good, if/when you need it. But you really need to take the time to train your voice, if you want to be exclusive voice comms all the time. Plus, it is nice to see some of the voice scripts people have created for Pilot2ATC So, I have finally moved away from Radar Contact 4.3 now. I have also decided to move away from PF3 for now, as well. Once you get used to switching to Pilot2ATC and take the time to read the manual once or twice and spend the time to set up the config file the way it needs to be; then it really is a very nice program for ATC for FSX/P3D. It will be all I will use now, I believe. Although, I enjoyed both PF3 and RC4, in their own right. Bruce
  8. CPC900

    Pilot2ATC on Networked Machine

    Dave, Dave, Dave......that would imply I read it 😉 I am in the process of redoing a bunch of FS stuff on my network, due to my recent interest in P3D, of late. And the fact that my second computer died and had to be replaced. I also remembered how I liked the look of Pilot2ATC from when I bought it ages ago. I am giving it a second look now, because I kind of gave up on it way back. I found that my RC4.3 was just too easy to load up and go and had very few issues with it. Plus I knew I would have to do some work and study to use Pilot2ATC. 😉 BUT, now that I am using Pilot2ATC and am moving on from RC4, due to it being so old, I am going full throttle into Pilot2ATC. On that note, I am reading the manual right NOW 🙂 It is quite good and very easy to follow. I had read it before, but I just didn't have the time to give it my full attention. Now it is getting my full attention! And you are right, I am finding everything I need, such as: "Destination Only Taxi Readbacks.........It simplifies the readback and can reduce frustration." 😄 It really IS a fantastic manual!!! But I DO need to still train my voice a bit, I think 😉 Bruce
  9. CPC900

    Pilot2ATC on Networked Machine

    Yeah, I tested it out last night and it worked great. The only thing I had an issue with is, the sound was very low from my second machine to my USB headset. I had to really turn down my P3D sound to hear P2Atc 😞 The sound levels were all cranked on the second machine; maybe it was an oddity. I will test it more this weekend. But, if I can get it all working with good sound levels on both, I will be a very happy person. The one thing I will have to do is train my voice a LOT more, because I was having problems getting the Ground Controller to hear my readback properly 😞 Mind you, I have done very little voice training. Bruce
  10. CPC900

    Pilot2ATC on Networked Machine

    I should mention, I use Multiplicity as well. There is a sound sharing option, I believe. I will have to investigate that further. This would seem possible. Is anyone using Multiplicity Audio Sharing for this at all?? Bruce
  11. CPC900

    Pilot2ATC on Networked Machine

    Ok, so as I am getting older, things seem more difficult to get to work the way I want ;) So, I have a second computer that ONLY does my FSX/P3D add on programs. Such as: Wideserver, Pilot2ATC, KAcars for my VA, FS Flightkeeper and for browsing with Chrome etc. My main computer runs: P3D and a bunch of stuff such as, Chaseplane, Opus weather, Trackir5, Goflight Interface Tool, etc. I have a second sound card I use for the output for my Buttkicker Gamer 2. So, I am finding that maybe I should be running Pilot2ATC from my main computer. BUT, I like seeing the info from Pilot2ATC program onscreen. Because I run in fullscreen mode on P3D, I would not see that. :( And I have 3 monitors with a triplehead2go, so I could NOT show P2Atc on a second monitor or anything. So, what can I do?! I don't think my family would love to hear it cranked up in my NON soundproof room, nor would the dog ;) I would be great if I could have the Pilot2atc screen ALSO showing on my second computer, but with all it's functionality coming from my main computer, if that all makes sense ;) Bruce
  12. CPC900

    Pilot2ATC on Networked Machine

    I have a USB wireless surround sound headset though. I thought I had read somewhere months ago about the line in/out thing though. Maybe not. Bruce
  13. CPC900

    Pilot2ATC on Networked Machine

    So, I have 2 computers running on network (#1 computer for P3D, #2 computer for Pilot2ATC), with the USB headset on the main computer (#1 computer P3D). If you plug your line out from (#1 computer P3D) to the line in on (#2 computer Pilot2ATC), via a 3.5mm audio cable, then your USB headset microphone should work on (#2 computer Pilot2ATC), correct?! And if you plug another 3.5mm audio cable from your line out on (#2 computer Pilot2ATC) to your line in on (#1 computer P3D), then your Pilot2ATC audio should be heard in your USB headset earphones (#1 computer P3D), correct?! Does this all make sense, or am I out to lunch?!! 😉 I really hope this can work. Bruce
  14. I have recently found success using PF3! As of this past week or so. I have been creating flight plans with the default flight planner in P3D V4.2 with success. For whatever reason, when I used FSTramp, it would not read them. :( I run PF3 via a 2nd networked computer and all seems fine now. I just have to see what FSTramp does differently. Bruce
  15. I get: "Corrupt Configuration We have detected and fixed a corrupt configuration in P3Dv4. Please restart your simulator for ChasePlane to work properly. Type 'restart' in the field below if you understood." But, it keeps starting like that after the restart??? Bruce