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  1. I was able to upgrade garmin 750 however now the GPS is not working on Turbo Arrow IV now? Reards, J
  2. Same here. I updated the 750 and know the gps will not follow the flight plan at all. What is going on lol. Jerome
  3. Hi RXP, I have tried updating the 750 which is a very hard and confusing task in it self, but just can't get it updated in x-plane 11? Regards, Greatly appreciate you working so hard to get this to work in all of the planes in x-plane.
  4. Hi Piper5299X, thank you for the response, I will search JonFly on this issue. Regards an Happy Holidays to you and the X-Plane family. J
  5. Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is well. I am new to this and ask for assistance. I have c172 with both 750s installed on plane but can't turn on power and no sound. When I reload plane the engine runs but no sound. I have ver 2.5.9 installed and when I click update for 2.5.10 I get a file pop up to save it. I install it but no update? Help please, Jerome
  6. Hi, Piper5299X, how did you GTN 750 added to your panel of the Cessna 172. I have the update and get the GTN 750 as a popup but not panel. Regards, Jerome
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