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  1. Thanks, Ron. Fantastic! Your suggested change to the .cfg file worked like a champ. I even had to zoom-"in" a bit. And Rodney, good luck on your 6-monitor setup. Larry
  2. While I'm thrilled with my new 3-monitor "surround" VC, I'm struggling how to best read the instrument panels without having to back away from the 6000x1200 display. Although I've used the "-" key to zoom out as far as I can, it's still not enough for me to properly view the flight deck without physically moving my chair further away from my desk. It makes using the mouse a bit of a challenge. I'm also using TrackIR and found disabling the z-axis helps, but still doesn't solve my zoom-out limitation. I almost feel I should do my flight prep in single monitor mode (1920 x 1200) and save my triple monitor display for when I'm in flight. But what I really am hoping for is any suggestions members may have in tweaking my configuration such that I'm good for viewing all aspects of the VC without having to go into the next room. Thanks. - Larry
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