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  1. FSX platform and autobraking was used and switched to manual after dropping below 80 kts. I did not have auto rudder turned off, and I believe that was my problem. I just landed and quickly turned it off before touchdown and it performed like it should. Thanks downscc.
  2. Has anybody else had this same problem? I did a full auto-land, disengaged reverse thrusting, disconnected autopilot, started to raise the flaps and drop the speed brakes, and the steering goes crazy. It does not allow me to steer in the direction I want it to. It always tends to pull either right or left, and I have to fight it with full opposite rudder to go somewhat straight. I never use the rudder trim, so it is completely zeroed out. Cheers, Chris
  3. That is where the problem has been the whole time...the plane does not behave like the 737 for obvious reasons, but I'm not sure how to fix it. So you're saying I need to select the RNAV approach in the FMC, and then set 1100ft in the Altitude Selector (the MDA in this case). Will the FMC then calculate a fake "glide slope" for the plane to descend along, or do I need to manually fly the whole approach? This is assuming that both LNAV and VNAV buttons are pressed in and active.
  4. I had this same question in a post a couple of days ago. This is the same problem that I have been having, but never really found a step-by-step list of instructions on how to fly these type of approaches. Using this chart for an RNAV approach into Detroit Metropolitan Airport (KDTW), how would I program and fly it? http://www.aircharts.org/data/view.php?id=6fcbc017-6f47-573a-bcf5-81d442f0b47d From what someone said in a post above, I select the runway number, and only the number. This creates a fake ILS glide slope. As far as the altitudes are concerned, I enter a decision height into the MCP, which appears to be 1,100 FT for this particular approach. Doing this will allow me to use both LNAV and VNAV to fly a 3-deg slope down to the MDA, where I would then disconnect, and manually land the aircraft. Does that sound right?? Look at the first three images....this is what really is confusing to me. Why would I want to just select the runway, when the actual RNAV approach to 4R is in the FMC already? This is what appears when I manually select the runway 4R, and when I choose "VFR APPR". So would I choose a VFR approach to the runway, or use the first method? I feel I'm close to understanding this, I just need a little more clarification. Thanks!!
  5. You are right, it's not like the traditional ILS where you would use the APP button. But it seems I still have to hit that button to activate the approach, once it has been selected in the FMC.
  6. I realize that the 737 NGX and the 777 are deferent beasts. However, has anyone been able to successfully make RNAV approaches in the 777? In the NGX aircraft, I select the approach in the FMC, then once I pass over an approach fix, I can hit the "APP" button on the MCP, and the aircraft flys the approach. During a maiden voyage from California to New Zealand, I flew direct to the approach fix, hit the "APP" button, and nothing happened. I ended up having to manually fly the approach, and ultimately landed way short of the runway in a field. I realize RNAV approaches are non-precision approaches, so there really isn't a glideslope to follow. I believe the NGX handles it in a way that it creates a "virtual" glideslope for the AC to follow. Does the 777 do the same thing? Can I enter a glideslope different than a traditional 3-degree slope path? Thanks, Chris
  7. John, Yes, I don't save anything as cold and dark either...when I finish a flight, I simply exit FSX. Well I started a flight using the default A321...once it was running, I switched over to the UPS MD11 and I get the same thing...cold and dark. A message pops up stating I can start the engines by typing <<CTRL>> + E. I hear the rumble of the engines trying to start, but there are no lights on in the cockpit. The panels are dark, the overhead panel is dark, and the only thing with lights are the landing gear (4 green), and the MCP panel where you can change speed, heading, altitude, etc. When I switch to the "SPOT" view...I can see the fins on all three engines spinning.
  8. I downloaded a Fedex livery, and that one does the same as the uPS one.
  9. Yes Sir I have....well I've tried the other MD11 aircraft that are part of the base software. I figured that since I uninstalled and reinstalled it, that any corruption would have been taken care of. Do you think I need to reinstall FSX altogether?
  10. I have succesfully flown the MD11 in FSX the past several day, the last time being last night, and today, when I load the UPS livery version, it is stuck in Cold and Dark. The power is off, engines are off, and nothing responds. I attempted to use the menu and load an "after engine start" panel state, and it does not respond to that either. Lastly, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the entire MD11 and UPS Livery, and I get the same results. Does anyone have any idea what may have gone wrong or how I can fix it? The four base model aircraft work just fine. Thanks!! Chris
  11. Downloading now...and I see you can install it with the Livery Manager. Thanks for the help!
  12. I was told by the president of the UPS Virtual Cargo Airline, that a UPS Livery existed for the PMDG 737 NGX 737-700/F aircraft. I did not find one on the PMDG website. Does anyone know where I can find it? Thanks, Chris
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