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  1. FSX platform and autobraking was used and switched to manual after dropping below 80 kts. I did not have auto rudder turned off, and I believe that was my problem. I just landed and quickly turned it off before touchdown and it performed like it should. Thanks downscc.
  2. Has anybody else had this same problem? I did a full auto-land, disengaged reverse thrusting, disconnected autopilot, started to raise the flaps and drop the speed brakes, and the steering goes crazy. It does not allow me to steer in the direction I want it to. It always tends to pull either right or left, and I have to fight it with full opposite rudder to go somewhat straight. I never use the rudder trim, so it is completely zeroed out. Cheers, Chris
  3. You are right, it's not like the traditional ILS where you would use the APP button. But it seems I still have to hit that button to activate the approach, once it has been selected in the FMC.
  4. I realize that the 737 NGX and the 777 are deferent beasts. However, has anyone been able to successfully make RNAV approaches in the 777? In the NGX aircraft, I select the approach in the FMC, then once I pass over an approach fix, I can hit the "APP" button on the MCP, and the aircraft flys the approach. During a maiden voyage from California to New Zealand, I flew direct to the approach fix, hit the "APP" button, and nothing happened. I ended up having to manually fly the approach, and ultimately landed way short of the runway in a field. I realize RNAV approaches are non-precision approaches, so there really isn't a glideslope to follow. I believe the NGX handles it in a way that it creates a "virtual" glideslope for the AC to follow. Does the 777 do the same thing? Can I enter a glideslope different than a traditional 3-degree slope path? Thanks, Chris
  5. Downloading now...and I see you can install it with the Livery Manager. Thanks for the help!
  6. I was told by the president of the UPS Virtual Cargo Airline, that a UPS Livery existed for the PMDG 737 NGX 737-700/F aircraft. I did not find one on the PMDG website. Does anyone know where I can find it? Thanks, Chris
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