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  1. mrrcflying

    Shared frequency problems.

    I tested again this morning, all was well. ATIS and Ground both worked. I also got response from Departure. So in all, the more I play with it the better it seems to work. Not sure why it was doing what it was doing. I will keep playing with it and let you know if it crops up again. Thanks for looking into it! And thanks for the great product. Andrew
  2. mrrcflying

    Shared frequency problems.

    Sure thing. KELM Elmira/Corning Regional. I noticed that when I open P2A after the sim is running, that it seems to work correctly. Tried twice, not sure if it was just a coincidence or if the order of start matters. Also, for some reason, I can't contact Elmira departure or approach. I just get no response no matter what I say. I think this software is awesome, and do plan on purchasing it. 🙂 Andrew
  3. I have not purchased P2A yet, but am on my 3rd day of trial. I like it so far, but have a very frustrating thing happening. My local airport shares frequencies. ATIS and ASOS share one. Sometimes I hear ATIS, other times it thinks it is on ASOS. Also Clearance Delivery and Ground share 121.90. I request taxi, and get no response. Switch over to tower, ask for clearance and it tells me ground is 121.90. Switch back to 121.90, and do a general call to ground, and it comes back as Clearance. When it thinks it is on Clearance, it will not respond to taxi request. Any work around for this? Set both radios to the same channel, and toggle?
  4. mrrcflying

    Cumulus X in P3D v4

    Super!!! Thanks so much. I will give that a try! Can't wait to try it out!
  5. mrrcflying

    Cumulus X in P3D v4

    Can anyone help me with how to install CumulusX to P3D V4.2? I have looked all over and don't seem to find how to install it. The installer just closes. I suspect it is because it is for FSX. Is there a manual method to install it on P3D?