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  1. see thats what i was looking for now noel i have a quick question do u prefer x plane over fsx?? i love fsx because of all the addons for it like REX + OVERDRIVE, PMDG AIRCRAFT, AIRBUS X EXTENDED, ECT as far as i know u cant use those in x plane? can u and ive been using fsx for so long now i think it would take a long time before i got use to x plane 10. now u say there is a new x plane 10 64 bit? will it be better then fsx? more realistic? and i think im gonna wait a few more months and see if new Intel processors come out if they do then ill go with the best one i can find ,
  2. Hello name is Chris and I have a few questions Now I have read the software and hardware guide from avsim and I just have a few concerns. I want to buy a new system for fsx and money is no object. What is the best CPU and overclock speed for maximum results Motherboard GPU only nvidia please Ram Storage set up. 2 devices. 1 for windows 1 for fsx Psu CPU cooler or water cooling Please don't just google best hardware seance I have been googling this for quite some time. Like I said money is not a problem for me. Thank you To be a little more specific towards CPU. Better CPU with lower overclock. Or lower CPU with higher overclock.
  3. I've updated to the latest version and I've noticed that when I turn to intercept the localizer the crosshairs don't move. They just stay perfectly aligned. It would be nice if we could set the ils radio and be able to actually follow it. I think it will make the sim more realistic and way better to play. Also it would be nice if in all the aircraft that have vc the gauges actually work like the nav screen and the PDF panel. Thanks
  4. hey there hows it going i have a few questions about this product i just bought, wilco airbus a380 v2 when i tell it to do cold and dark on the config panel and when i load the airplane its still on. when i manully turn the plane off the engine sounds are still on ?? any ideas thx
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