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  1. Does this still apply if the Installation is NOT on the C: drive
  2. The main reason I installed it to a non C: drive is the size of the disc - my F drive is 1.5TB, whereas my C drive is smaller and didn't have the capacity for it.
  3. Could we try and stick to the question I asked, and not go off on a tangent of one versus the other. I asked for some help, not "mines longer than yours"
  4. Hi Lorby Many thanks for the information provided. I'm just in the process of re-installing to a non C: drive. Will the new cfg file still be in the C: drive when I've finished, or in the actual drive where the programme is - in my case F:\
  5. Good Morning members Having just migrated from FSX under Windows 7 a few days ago to Prepar3D under Windows 10, I have an issue with the cfg file in that it is only 6 lines in length and bears no resemblance to the 2 pages of the previous FSX file (Hopefully at this point I'm going to attach my file) - no, didn't work so attached is the file in text form: <?xml version="1.0"?> <configuration> <startup useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy="true"> <supportedRuntime version="v4.0" sku=".NETFramework,Version=v4.0"/> </startup> </configuration> Any help, suggestions good, bad or indifferent would be much appreciated. VBRgds Paul Jennings
  6. ...and once you've done these moves is there a way to permanently save them for next time? Paul Jennings
  7. Not in my Intro manual they're not - Page 123 refers to the "Right Pitot Heat" and P125 references "Right Tire Fail Right" Paul Jennings
  8. bmi please (old or new whichever is easiest !)
  9. Hello All It is fixed.... How the hell I’ve done it, I have no REAL idea ! I started off by using the “Repair” option, but that didn’t resolve it, before reading the Avsim FSX Config guide. I also downloaded and used the AVG Anti virus Remover tool, and although this said it couldn’t find any products, it took a while to execute the programme, after which it restarted my system and VOILA…one Happy Bunny
  10. Hi All I have been advised by a well-respected forum member to post this in the hope that I can get an answer. I have read the rule regarding screen shots, but the screen shots forum seems to be for stunning images, of which mine is certainly not - in short my B777 is missing the nosewheel when viewed from the side, and has part of the fan showing underneath the aircraft. Having said all that, I am doubtful that my attachment has actually attached ! My OS is Windows 7 Professional, 64bit and FSX + Acceleration. My Anti-virus software was set to exclude the installation as per the suggestion in the Manuals Any help is appreciated Paul Jennings
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