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  1. awesome, altering the sliders to the right to 75% worked a treat. many thanks its so good not to have that problem anymore.
  2. ahahaha!!! on a more technical note, is there some reason why x-plane does it...my joystick and rudder is not a simple on/off setup (or left/right) it is a progressive one...so i dont understand why x-plane rudder looks as if it simply goes full left or full right! Where do i go to alter the settings so that it isnt so touchy on the nosewheel steering and rudder?
  3. just a quick one, how do i stop the steering from screeching in xplane when im taxing??? Its driving me nuts!!! (and for all those comedians amongst you...im not trying to send the back end of the aircraft sideways like a speedway car whilst doing 100 knots down the strip! ^_^ )
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