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  1. SirTommy

    What happened to my FSX sound?

    Thanks. No hurry though, since I worked around it. Also, in my last post I said I would also try RGus's suggestion, but I meant to say pete_auau's suggestion (hit the Q key twice). Sorry about that. Anyway, I've been trying to stop an Active Sky 2016 error from plaguing me, so I've been occupied with testing that and haven't been worried about the sound. If it's not one thing, it's another I guess.🙄
  2. SirTommy

    What happened to my FSX sound?

    Hmm...very interesting. Thanks for letting me know about this. I will ponder it. I like my sound card for some of its music playback options, but currently I don't have my music on this pc anyway. The integrated sound on the mobo is still giving me 5.1 surround and it's fine for flying. I'll probably reconnect the sound card later and see if I can tweak it. Also I'll try RGUS's suggestion.
  3. SirTommy

    What happened to my FSX sound?

    Nope. Never heard of that one. But I'll give it a shot.
  4. SirTommy

    What happened to my FSX sound?

    I didn't try it with every aircraft, just the default baron and the default 737-800. I first noticed that the music on the start screen was crackling. Then I tried a couple planes and found that sound crackly as well. I'm wondering if it had anything to do with Active Sky 2016. It was giving me an error message and crashing the sim, so I did a reinstall per the website. After I got the sound working with the on board sound the Active Sky error returned. So, I did another reinstall and so far everything is fine. Just did a flight with the default 737 from KSDF to KLAX with no issues. Now I'm flying Captain Sim 737-200 and it's doing fine. It's all working, so, I'm afraid to tinker with anything else 😬. Seems like I've been tinkering about one hour for every 5 minutes of flying! 😊 This upgraded rig has been temperamental out of the gate, but I think it's finally stable (knock wood) and much better than my old rig.
  5. SirTommy

    What happened to my FSX sound?

    Problem solved (sort of). Sound works fine using on board sound rather than sound card. Maybe a driver issue with the card(?) Still don't understand why the sound card only has issues with FSX. Maybe someone can educate me on that. At least I have sound until I get the card working.
  6. Yesterday FSX was running fine in Win 10. Today the sound is crackly. Intro music, planes, everything. I thought maybe I had a speaker going bad, but it only happens with FSX. So far I've tried: Switching the FSX sound settings from <default primary device> to Speakers (Creative SB X-Fi) Various settings in Creative Audio Control Panel Rebooting the PC Reinstalling the sound card (have the newest driver) Rebuilding the FSX config Disabling the HD audio device and Real Tec audio device in Device manager (with PC restart) Nothing works. The two things I've changed recently were: Reinstalled Active Sky 2016 to resolve an error message I was getting from it. Updated to newest Nvidia driver (not sure if graphics drivers mess with sound cards?). This was yesterday and all seemed well after these two changes. The only other thing I know of that changed was that I went to bed and woke up today. Now the sound is all messed up. This is exactly the kind of nightmare stuff I feared when moving to a new build with Win 10. I sure hope someone can help me out with this. Thanks, Tom
  7. Disregard. I figured it out. Everything works fine at a 3840 x 720 resolution. Any higher than that and larger panels can't display. I had to configure the TH2Go with that resolution before it showed up as an option in display settings.
  8. Actually, I just noticed that the 2D cockpit panel for the default baron has the same issue. It must be something to do with my multiple monitor display and TH2Go.
  9. Hi, all, I have Dave Maltby's BAC-1-11 working really well in FSX. In the past I've noticed that the overhead panel would not display with certain screen resolutions. Since upgrading to Win 10 and new hardware, I've been using a resolution of 5760 x 1080. The OH panel won't display with that resolution. I just get a swirling cursor. I suspect this has something to do with the size of the panel, but I'm not sure. My question is: Rather than fooling around with resolutions, can I tweak the panel to work with my current resolution, and, if so, how? Thanks
  10. After a few tense moments not knowing why the new rig wouldn't boot up (it was just a monitor connection issue), it's up and running with all my add-ons installed and working. And I have to say, wow, it's a big difference! I can actually take off and land in New York smoothly with add-on planes 😄. So, I just want to say thank you all for the encouragement and tips. The upgrade was way overdue and seems to be a grand success.
  11. Okay, parts are on order. When I get it all put together I'll give an update. Thanks everyone for all the feedback.
  12. Hmm...I suppose the best thing to do is just break down and get Win 10 (begrudgingly) and do a clean install with the new hardware. Then hope FSX and maybe even FS2004 will work without too much stress and aggravation.
  13. Am I going to have issues running Win 7 with this upgrade? I'm trying really hard to avoid Win 10 due to negative things I'm reading like forced updates, bloatware, etc. Is WIn 10 really that bad? Am I just going to have to grin and bear it and upgrade my OS as well? Anyone here running Win 7 with newer mobo?
  14. SirTommy

    Where Simmers hail from

    Born in Ohio but have lived in Kentucky for over 20 years. Have my commercial pilot license w/ multi-engine rating as well as certified flight instructor instrument. Changed careers so now I sim because flying real planes is too darn expensive for a hobby! 😃
  15. Here is what I've narrowed it down to. PC Part Picker system builder showed no compatibility issues (including the parts I'm reusing and Win 7 64-bit). Still open to opinions/suggestions before I pull the trigger. I really appreciate the input 😊. I'm hoping this will be a respectable upgrade that will give me a decent performance boost with FSX. I honestly am not sure how much improvement this will give me over my current rig. I'm upgrading based on what I've read about the advantages of intel over amd where cpu is concerned. I hope this will give me a decent "budget build" for FSX. I don't want to spend thousands for a new, powerhouse build. I'm actually still on the fence about whether or not the $580 this upgrade will cost me will be worth the performance gain. So, you won't hurt my feelings if you say, "Tom, you're wasting your money. That upgrade won't make enough difference in performance to be worth the cost." Or, you might say, "That seems like a decent upgrade that you'll likely be happy with." I know it's somewhat subjective, but I welcome the opinions. That's why I come here: for the wealth of experience everyone has that I lack. So, bring on the opinions 😁.