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  1. Ha! Well, I did say better, not "best." Anyway, all the games and sims I run perform well and look great, so I never feel like I'm underpowered. What exactly is nVidia Surround? Is it just software that works with some nVidia cards? My GTS 250 doesn't show up on nVidia's list of Surround cards anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter. I'm basically trying to figure out if SLI is something that might allow me to add monitor number three somehow. All I can discern so far is that it adds more processing power, but FSX is mostly CPU anyway. I'm not going to bother with SLI unless it allows me to somehow increase my view in FSX. Can't seem to find a "yes" or "no" answer to that question. If it does, it might cost me less.
  2. Researching all the tech has my head spinning. Maybe someone can help me simplify things a bit. I already have Trackir and like it. I'm currently using FSX with two monitors. Second monitor is just used for radio, Wx Radar, etc. I would like to go to a triple screen setup that spans the entire view. I have NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 card. Also enjoy Rise of Flight and CFS3. Can I add another GTS 250 (maybe SLI) and somehow have my triple screen setup, or must I invest in Triple Head To Go or a newer graphics card that can do three monitors by itself? I just want a better view with the least amount of money and hassle possible. Thanks.
  3. I understand. I figured that the copilot was primarily for heavier aircraft operations (which I may delve into more). Most of my real world flying has been single pilot corporate and flight instruction in pistons, so I'm not used to the luxury of a copilot anyway. So far, MCE is the most realistic I have used in terms of interacting with ATC and handling the radios. I like the fact that it does not require a word-for-word readback of a script. The demo has been helpful for me. And, it allowed me the opportunity to offer you the suggestions of addressing "cowl flaps" and "rich" for us piston pilots. Best Regards
  4. Just to confirm, the website says the demo is four days or 30 runs, whichever comes first. Is this correct? In other places I've seen people say it is 3 days or 10 days. If it's four days, my time runs out tomorrow night, I think. (Downloaded on July 11 at 10:23 pm EST)
  5. Thanks for that explanation. I suspected there was only so much that can be done. Still, the software does quite a lot. The copilot was hearing only the word "rich" as the insult, not "mixture rich." Originally, I had the checklist as: [ ] Mixture -- RICH And when I said "rich" he would be insulted and not proceed. I would have to say "skip" so that he would move on to the next item. Now, I have the checklist as: [ ] Engine One Mixture Control Rich -- CHECK Now, I can say "check" and he is satisfied, although he leaves out the word "rich" and only says, "Engine One Mixture Control" So, it seems that the word "rich" is a word he does not know. (I think he has grown accustomed to jet engines and has forgotten how to fly the props :Just Kidding: ) So, can I teach him this word by using VoxScript perhaps? Or, am I misunderstanding the proper use of VoxScript? (Haven't had time to tinker with it yet.) Thanks
  6. Thanks, DickB, I'll give that a shot. So, instead of waiting for a gap to key the mic (like in the real world), I wait for a gap and then release the mic, if I understand you. That would be handy when traffic is busier. I see. Thanks very much for that info. Good to know.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. Sounds good about the cowl flaps. Is it also easy to get the copilot to accept that a zero flap setting is appropriate for takeoff? BTW I'm using the default Barron as well as the Carenado Barron with equal results, if that is relevant. Thanks for the edit voice pack suggestion. I'll give that a try. I know next to nothing about programing, so forgive my ignorance with the following question: Is there a way to design the software in such a way that it makes FSX recognize that the mic has been keyed and thereby temporarily "pause" the AI traffic and ATC activity until after I have released the mic? Or, is this too much to ask from FSX and the way it is coded? Finally, another copilot issue to consider: He has trouble understanding "Mixture Rich." He keeps thinking the word "Rich" is "Rat sh**" and tells me to watch my language. This is simultaneously humorous and frustrating. I have to keep teling him to skip that item on the checklist. All I want is for him to say, "Mixture" and for me to respond "Rich." But all he hears is "Rat sh**." :huh: (I'm speaking as clearly as possible) :lol:
  8. Issue Number One: Using the default FSX ATC works well except for when there is a lot of radio traffic. ATC controllers don't seem to care that I have my mic keyed and that am reading back a clearance, so they just step on my transmissions and move on to other pilots. They don't "hear" me transmitting until after I release the PTT, but by then it's often too late and my transmission gets blocked either by another pilot or by the controller. Is there a suggestion for this? Do I just need to reduce the traffic setting so there are fewer planes in the sky and more "room" for me to transmit? It's not like I talk slow or anything. In the real world once your mic is keyed people hear you transmitting and they know to wait until you're done talking. Issue Number Two: I've been trying to customize a Barron 58 checklist, but the cowl flaps and wing flaps are giving me troubles. Copilot doesn't seem to understand that cowl flaps need to be "open" or "closed" and that wing flaps should be "up" or "zero" or "set" for normal takeoff. I've tried different variations of callouts and responses, including the Barron checklist that came with the software, but the copilot just gets befuddled every time with cowl flaps. Also, he keeps nagging me about the flaps after takeoff and I want to punch him in the nose and tell him they are supposed to be set where they are! For example, with the cowl flaps I've tried: Cowl Flaps -- OPEN Cowl Flaps Open -- CHECK Cowl Flaps 100% Open -- CHECK Cowl Flaps -- CHECK OPEN ...and maybe a few more. Copilot always responds with "I didn't get that" or tells me to make sure I have it set right, etc. He can never tell that the cowl flaps are set properly. My demo period is ending soon, and these things will likely decide whether or not I buy this software, so I would like to know if they can be addressed before I spend the money. I want it to work because it helps with better habits for my real world flying. Thanks.
  9. No. Thanks for the tip. I just read the review and watched a video of it. Looks promising. I will try the demo.
  10. Oh yeah, the "radio check" was another thing. I was never taught to do that for every flight. And I taught my flight students it's only done if there is reason to believe the radio has a problem. Otherwise, it's just wasting ATC's precious time. Do airline pilots bother ATC for a radio check every flight, I wonder? I've never seen it on any checklist (like a brake check, for example). Thanks for your input. I think I'm leaning away from VOXATC for now, at least until I have some money to burn. It's a great concept. I like using the mic. But the weird procedures feel unatural to me and actually detract from the pleasure of doing the speaking. Having to say things exactly word-for-word according to the script feels rather stiff as well. Maybe they will eventually figure out a way to use voice recognition that has more flexibility to deviate from the script...something that understands the same thing said in slightly different ways, like real pilots do. I would definitely go for that. Even though I can't use the mic, the default ATC feels much more real in it's procedures and use of phraseology. The voices sound pretty good, too. Not very "robotic."
  11. I see. Thanks for the reply. Do tell. I'm curious about those bigger annoyances. Don't want to be too nitt picky. There's no "perfect" realism in the sim world. Just weighing the cost/benefit of it all.
  12. Hmm...thought someone here might know if there was an option to skip over that step. Is it just a part of the software that one has to tolerate when flying GA, or is this software used primarily by folks flying airliners? As a real world pilot, I enjoyed being able to actually speak and use the phraseology, but it felt weird requesting a startup in a Barron at a GA airport. Oh well. Guess default atc will do for now.
  13. I'm mostly flying the Barron from GA airports but VOXATC is sometimes making me "request startup" as if I'm flying an airliner out of an international airport. The default FSX ATC doesn't do this, and, in that respect at least, is more realistic. My demo period is over and I didn't tinker with it enough to figure out if there is a way to skip over the "request startup" step when it's more realistic to just listen to ATIS, start my engines, and then contact ground control (or clearance delivery) for my clearance. Trying to decide if I want to buy this software.