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  1. Has Sibwings become abandonware?

    zmak, thanks for jogging my memory. I finally was able to get my old laptop and lo and behold there was the activation email I had saved in a folder four years ago. I never did hear back from Sibwings support, but the activation link in the email still worked and the Bird Dog is back in the air .
  2. Has Sibwings become abandonware?

    Hmm...Yes, I need to look into this. I may have that old email saved on my other laptop which I can't get to for a few days. That was four years ago so I know it's long gone from the IMAP server.
  3. Has Sibwings become abandonware?

    Wow, I'm really bummed about this. Their Bird Dog was one of my favorite planes, especially since it's what my dad learned fly in when he was in the Army in the 50s. It's part of my collection of what he flew during his career. I'm tempted to just purchase it again from Simarket, but I'm reluctant if there's no more support. When I did my OS and FSX re-install, I backed up all my sim objects. I tried just copying and pasting that backup of the Bird Dog into FSX, but it only partially works. I was hoping the key was hiding somewhere in the FSX files I backed up, but I can't find anything. A lot of my keys are saved in the Simarket account, but not this one.
  4. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about Sibwings beyond what's on their website. Can't get a peep out of any of their contact emails. They apparently still sell add on planes, but in trying to get support I only get crickets. I need my key to reinstall the plane I have. Maybe they just want me to buy a new one(?)
  5. Sky Simulations DC-9 Liveries Won't Work

    Update: Finally heard back from Sky Simulations and they took care of me. Apparently, they had a massive server crash at some point which caused problems with a lot of their files.
  6. Sky Simulations DC-9 Liveries Won't Work

    Okay, thanks, at least I know it's not just me doing something wrong.
  7. Sky Simulations DC-9 Liveries Won't Work

    Thanks for the suggestions. So far no luck. On the XP machine the error said something about the installer being corrupted, so I tried using a different browser to download it. Still didn't work. I'm hoping I'll hear back from Sky Simulations with a solution...eventually.
  8. I recently got FS9 up and running because I like the FPS I get with big jets and big cities. So, after reading reviews, I decided to get the Sky Simulations DC-9. The screen shots and video at the store show different liveries, so, I thought, "Great, I can use it with the USAir livery (which has some sentimental value to me). I got the aircraft and it works fine, but, no liveries came with it. So, on the Sky Simulations website, I found where they had buries the extra liveries. Problem is they don't work. I tried them on my Windows 7 64 bit, and I tried them on my old Windows XP computer. They won't work at all. It's just an installer that gives an error message (this application is not compatible with your version of the software developer...). Contacted Sky Simulations support but have had no answer. Was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions or had been through the same ordeal. I realize it's an older add on, but it seems like if they are still selling the aircraft and advertising it with different liveries, those liveries should still be accessible and usable.
  9. Just to update: I did a clean install on OS and FSX. Went into the BIOS and got everything set back to default that the "easy overclock switch" changed around. No more crashing so far. Sim is much smoother, too. More FPS. That OS clean up was way overdue anyway, so I'm glad I did it. Ready to enjoy some flying without all the tinkering .
  10. Yes sir. That's what makes it a bit more embarrassing; I am a real pilot (just not turbine rated ).
  11. Guess what, Bjoern? I figured it out about 3 min ago and logged on here to tell the world . And there was your hint which, of course, was right on the money. I was seeing the the hydraulics quantity gauge in the green and thinking it meant I already had pressure. Wrong gauge. Oh well, live and learn. Thanks for your time and your tip.
  12. Not using keyboard commands for those functions. Clicking the levers does not work either. I'm using FSUIPC button assignments on a CH yoke and throttle quadrant for gear and trim. Flaps are on the Saitek multipanel. The aircraft flies fine and otherwise seems to work. All my other aircraft work fine as well. Seems to be something I did wrong on the install for this particular plane. Maybe put a file or folder in the wrong place or something(?)
  13. I had to re-install this plane after doing a clean install of my OS and FSX. It used to work fine last time I installed it. This time the flaps, gear and trim won't work. I get a little "bounce" out of the levers and wheels, but they remain stuck. I've tried using FSUIPC, Spad.Next (for the flaps) and the FSX control assignments but nothing works (not even the mouse). I can't figure out what I did wrong this time, so I'm wondering if anyone has a tip for me. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the tip, Jim. Speedy, I probably will save up for a new rig. Meanwhile, I'm going to see how this clean install pans out.
  15. Good, I see what you mean. Thanks much for your advice.