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  1. I using Nvidia surround. My default aircraft work fine now but I need fixes for add on planes.
  2. Will those panel fixes help with non default planes. I have flight 1s Cessna mustang and it has problems with my 3 monitor setup.
  3. Anyone have files or fixes to allow me to run 3 monitors for the Cessna Mustang.
  4. The yoke works fine it's that it has loose movement left to right before there is a pressure. Basically if I barely touch it it moves a little but it doesn't cause any input. Still usable but annoying.i attached a video.
  5. Anyone out there with the Cessna Pro Flight yoke have slight wiggle on their roll axis. I like the yoke but the wiggle or deadzone moves about 3mm which can be a bit distracting. The pitch is tight but their isn't any movement without firm pressure. Is this a defective yoke? Common and are there any fixes?
  6. I recently improved my setup with 3 monitors and set the cfg file to wide - true. The two issues i have are if I run at the bezel corrected resolution I get the spining cursor and also when flying at night the landing lights are really blurry making it hard to distinguish the papi and runway lights. Please help.
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