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  1. Why o Why hasn't the wonderful TP program become a commercial product if we cant enjoy it in Win 10 - I dislike Win10 and MSFS2020 even more - My old FSX and its additions are great for flying and were so so much better with the addition of TP - If anyone has really managed to get it to work in Win 10 Please let me know - I have tried changing UAC applied various 'Digital signed disablement' - Reinstalled both FSX and TP so many times all to no avail - Sooooooo really would be happy to try any suggestions - My thanks - Stay safe all - Pete
  2. Just so frustrating that such a good program is going to waste because of MS and its updates etc. I have tried so many ways to get TP to work in Win 10/64 after years of using it in Win 7. All to no avail. So I rebuilt a new machine to take Win10 and the New FS2020 - My personal comments on the new FS are really unprintable.. (Just my opinion) I did try hard - with 3 tries at it all were really horrorable - So - Lets try installing Win 7 into this nice high end machine, then I will be able to run all the addons including TP and MCE - NOPE - MS will not allow old version of Windows ie 7 to install - No mouse or keyboard support - So looks like a revamp of the old machine, and that really is a shame Has anyone found a way for TP to work in Win 10? I have the UAC in trial mode and TP installs fine - Just error code of ERROR connecting to filter port: 0x80070002 Wont hold my breath :-( If mail is better for any thoughts then 'bumble169@gmail.com' is fine - Stay safe - Pete
  3. Hello - and thank you for the TP guide - A couple of things (well more than that really) that I don't understand and maybe you could shed some light In all of the 'ini' files I have seen the statement shown here as example has '14' repeated 3 times - May I ask why ? level_mapping=5,6,7,8,9,10,11,14,14,14,15,16,17,18,19 Many thanks - Pete
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