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  1. Very much hyped by this as I really enjoyed the P3D version. Any plans on releasing it to the usual distributors? (Simmarket / OrbX / Contrail / iniBuiilds) I'm trying to have everything in as little places possible 😕
  2. I have to say I'm a bit surprised about the choice of RealNav when most users are already paying for a Navigraph subscription. For 40$ you only get a quarterly update which for VATSIM/IVAO users could be "OK" but might leave you for 3 month with an out-of-date procedure which is annoying when you are paying to get just that... up-to-date procedures... (granted you might as well use your other airplanes ijn the mean time while RealNav pushes the update) Essentially it increases the overall price of your addon by a fair bit.. unless you are targeting the professional market?
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