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  1. With prepar3d, i could see the multiplayer traffic but i don't see it with msfs. Is there a way to see it ?
  2. Hmmm..that is unfortunate. Is there anyway to change that ?
  3. Hi, I use pilot2atc on a separate computer using widefs. I have msfs2020 with fsuipc7. Everything works well but i don't see my friend traffic when we fly together using 'all players'... It was working when flying with prepar3dv5 Thanks Daniel
  4. Sorry...got it to work...my mistake
  5. Hi, Pauses between charter does not seem to work... when unclick, i hear charter files one after the other one... but when i click pause between files, and enter 5 sec for min and 10 sec for max (tried with different values), no more charter... thanks
  6. I do have the latest version. Would the addon scenery make a difference ?
  7. I was at cyul (addon scenery) and was told to hold short runway 24R due to traffic on final which was accurate but the instructions continued to be replayed constantly...stuck in a loop...
  8. Sorry...backtrack would be a wrong topic title... Just hold short instructions on traffic would be more accurate...
  9. I am in cyul (addon scenery), taxi instructions are perfect... Once i got to runway 24r, i received instructions to hold short because of traffic landing which was true and it was great. Except that hold short instructions due to traffic was looping without stoping...
  10. Ok i have experienced this in cyqm and cyhz... I will document exactly what it is said and report back. Thanks
  11. Hi Dave, love pilot2atc...thanks for your efforts... When i fly out of airports which require runway backtrack, i only get instructions to hold short. I suspect backtrack intructions are not implemented ? Thanks Dan
  12. Today, active was 23 and i reveived taxi instructions to 23... So, not sure what happened the other day ? Thanks
  13. Thanks Dave...actually, what happened is that pilot2atc clearance mentionned runway 23 for departure but taxi instructions sent me to runway 32...
  14. When i fly out of cyhz, the active is usually 23. But i get this taxi instructions: taxi via delta, echo and hold short runway 32... Thanks for looking into this...
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